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NDM is an organizational management group for the individual business Units, and it is possessed by Murdoch's News Corporation which is among the main telecommunication corporations in the world (Benn, Dexter and Andrew 23). This case study examines the senior management changes that happened in the company. Organizational changes happen in different companies in their life cycles and are something that is common for different businesses. Globalization informs the changes in the organizations among many other factors that influence day to day business. Globalization has led to advanced technologies, environmental changes and cultural diversification, factors that necessitate organization changes at some points. These changes in the level of demand put pressure newspaper companies, which had to move to printing news online to maintain the level of demand for their products.

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These groups included News Corporation which was forced by the market forces to decrease their newspaper operations and increased digital presence. The need for change-Management and Structure The changes in the demand of the media made it necessary for changes in the company. It was important for the company to support its values, structure and culture with its mother corporation to meet its market purposes and the overall goals of the company. Experts tend to use three forms of organizational changes which are political allocation, technical design and culture/ideological mix. Starburst et al. explain a performance gap as a wish to change from a less wanted form to a better state. Increased performance is an indicator of cultural changes in the organization.

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The fundamental changes that were made in the company included changing from the existing vertical, bureaucratic structure to a horizontal structure. It also included changes in the specialist functioning of the business unit and thereby creating a professional and corporate culture that mainly focused on the customer's needs. Forced Field analysis is a common tool that is used in this critical part of organizational changes. The second important stage in the transformation process includes changing the members of the staff, the structure of the organization, the tasks, and the technology that is adopted by the organization. That is to mean, the entire organization will be unfrozen, made ready for change, and the goals and the objectives of the organization made clear.

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This stage requires the members of the staff to have a sense low or high security. The aim of this is to dodge confrontation to change (Van Schie 43). Change in the instructions, measures and close direction was minimized in the process of making changes in the organization. Matrix structures are common in big organizations. It is most utilized when the organization wishes to improve the customer's responsiveness. Benn, Dexter and Andrew (67) describe the structure adopted by TrueLocal as matrix structure. Some of the changes in the organization include the reporting structure of the company. Recognition was another strategy where the members of the staff were awarded because of their hard work. Conclusion TrueLocal is a young company with the mother company known as NDM which operates under the global brand News Corporation.

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The industry operates in the telecommunication industry and the digital media. The business unit undertook major changes in its management. The main aim was to change the culture and the structure of the organization. Organization development and change. Cengage Learning, 2014. Monday, Richard T. Lyman W. Porter, and Richard M. Professional Beauty Jan/Feb 2012 (2012): 196.

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