Role of TM Forum in Wireless Networks Operators with the advent of Cloud and Virtualization

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Therefore, it is the drive for the TMF's New Generation Operations Systems and software (NGOSS) inventiveness. It targets to deliver a framework for quick as well as the flexible incorporation of processes and Business Support systems in telecommunications engineering departments and also the entire communications industry. Furthermore, the enhanced Telecom Operations (eTOM) is a major element of NGOSS. It contributes significant role as a guidebook put up on TM Forum Operations Map (TOM). However, the eTOM model usually demonstrates the whole scope of business operations needed by a service provider as well as defines main elements and how they normally work together. Nowadays, eTOM is well recognized and utilized standard in the industry which gives a map as well as the common language of business operations with various hierarchy.

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Therefore, about its current hierarchy of the framework, its used by the service providers for an invention of processes (Mijumbi et al. Literature review This research proposal is devoting in setting up a new content provider entity with process aligned to eTOM. However, the content provider organization is termed as MEDIA, that is, Short-Medium Enterprise that possesses various types of multimedia content. This content constitutes videos as well as audio which enabled these companies to provide to its customers. This is the strategy which every company should create and implement to encompasses all customer interactions. However, rather than purchasing their servers and carrying out the corresponding operation, MEDIA has entered the contractual agreement with CLOUD, which is another company that materializes the idea of cloud computing.

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In this scenario, CLOUD is providing to host the content of MEDIA on an appropriate server, making them very easy to access it through the internet with a particular end-to-end latency. Playing the role of a provider, CLOUD is supporting an overlay network. Therefore, in a scenario where a request is received, it is redirected to the most appropriate server which keeps the content ordered by the subscriber. Conclusion TM Forum argues that eTOM is a normal structure which is used to define as well as share business processes within the service providers' industry. However, being a significant part of the NGOSS architecture, it seems like a quite large set of documents. It normally has the definitions of processes at various hierarchical stages and also best practice rules on how to utilize them.

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