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Importantly, certain types of laws within the work place are already set by state laws and prohibit issues such as smoking and use of illegal drugs and alcohol and also sexual harassment. Indeed, having rules within work place helps in protecting business from any form of litigation while maintaining high quality of life within the work place. Within an organization employers can set work rules based on the generally accepted or prohibited conduct while in some cases they may decide to make certain rules and policies addressing specific behavior. Rules should be kept general and must be flexible in order to make enforcement easy. Rules within an institution may range from safety rules and risk mitigation measures, absence and tardiness policies, records of hours worked both normal and overtime, dress codes, loss and damage of property amongst others (Pollitz and Rae 2017).

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The Human skills include the communication, coordination and cooperation skills. These skills are important in managing people while helps in ensuring employee relations between the employees and the top management is realized. The skills are used in MailCo where top management organizes a meeting for the PLs and the managers in order to understand the new set policies and the company strategies. The conceptual skills on the other hand indicate the level of understanding of the organization functioning, structure and strategy within the business environment. The decisions made by management must be within the goals set, are in line with opportunities existing and are appropriate within the firm’s culture, (Mujtaba et al 2013). , & Morgeson, F. P. The leadership skills strataplex: Leadership skill requirements across organizational levels.

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