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is situated in the United States and headquartered in Bentonville. Sam Walton founded the company which was originally called Wal-Mart Stores in the year 1962. The company which started as a small and single discounted store with the idea of vending more for less has flourished for the past 50 years into becoming world’s largest leading retailer. Walmart Inc. which is well known to many retailers around the world operates in more than 27 countries and already has implemented eCommerce websites approximately in 10 countries (Cescau & Laszlo, 2017). The company is currently a publicly traded company but is controlled by the Walton family. Company’s Mission The company’s mission is to save peoples’ money so that they can be in a position to live well.

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Walmart’s mission statement reflects Sam Walton’s ideals when he was forming the company. Some of the strategic decisions made in the company by the management are direct manifestations of the company’s mission statement (Ferguson, 2015). The company is objected and desires to fulfill its mission “save money to live better,” the company has incorporated and implemented strategic decisions aimed at reducing the product’s prices, this has resulted in increasing in sales and customer attraction. com, bonobos. com, modcloth. com, and samsclub. com (Hänninen, Smedlund & Mitronen, 2018). The company also offers grocery products such as produce, meat, dairy, alcoholic and beverages. Also, the headquartered data café also helps the firm to solve some of the issues which arise, altogether making Walmart Inc much profitable.

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The data café ensures efficiency in the organization by detecting some of the issues which may arise in many stores and supermarkets which are run by Walton (Hänninen, Smedlund & Mitronen, 2018). For instance, if a certain store is running low of products or out of stock, the data café is able to notify the relevant individuals, this ensures customers do not find empty shelves once they go shopping. Walmart Inc. has ensured process reliability by putting into action the following strategies: The company has spent decades in the making since the 1980s the retailer giant has directly dealt with manufacturers of various products. The company uses different strategies and methods to recruit employees, one of the popular methods include the use of retail industrial criteria.

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The company majorly recognizes human relations and have put into place compensation and career development programs to ensure productivity is accelerated. The human resource managers have also put in place approaches to improve motivation and morale in the workplace. Walmart uses external recruitment sources such as campuses, previous applicants and respondents to application adverts to recruit and hire qualified applicants (Yu, 2019). The company acquires most of its resources from trusted distributors and manufacturers around the globe; the company is committed to associating with suppliers and stakeholders in order to make the supply chain more responsible. The application provides solutions to customers who want to refill their prescriptions and are in a hurry. For instance, if a customer wants to save time, he or she can just take a picture of the label and pull up using the mobile registry.

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Website improvement The company’s website has continuously been modified in order to create and improve customer relations. Walmart. Com has recently been updated to a responsive design which can accommodate any device being used by the consumers. In the year 2018, the company operated more than twelve thousand stores in all its operating countries, however, according to the company’s CEO Doug McMillon this figure is expected to increase since the company is still venturing into new markets and other industries (Baltrukevičiūtė, Paldūnas & Širvelis, 2016). Currently, Walmart Inc owns many known businesses, companies and brands all over the globe. They include Sam’s Club located in Midwest City, ASDA stores located in the United Kingdom, Seiyu Group which are based in Tokyo Japan, Bompreco hypermarket and chain supermarket located in Sao Paolo in Brazil.

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