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From a business point of view, the essential occupant in a universal business condition is the multinational venture (MNE), which is an organization that seeks an important accomplishment in worldwide creation and deals (i. e. working inside various nation outskirts). One of the companies that have done this is is the SAVY Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. So that it gains maximum profits, SAVY should engage with other company to remains relevant in the market. Ownership The company has over the years have different ownership; however, the company was initially founded by Tang Xiuguo, Yuan Jinhua, Mao Zhongwu ad Liang Wengen in 1986 (Companies History, 2014). They left their previous job and contributed together sixty thousand Yuan to start the company in Lianyuan, China. Liang is the major shareholder of the company with 58 % shares (Flannery, 2011).

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The company is privately owned by the four having expanded to a global scale. Corp, the company has been able to buy four wind farms on Oregon. In their contrary, it did not perform as expected due to its nearness to the Naval Weapons systems training facility. It has also made a partnership with American firms in constructing a one Gigawatt power wind project (Wang, 2012). Company capabilities Since the company has been engaging different types of companies in an attempt to ensure they increase their market and remain relevant to an international scale, there is need to check the capability of the company. In business, companies need to come up with abilities for them to execute their business strategy. It has been able to come up with first crawler crane in the world.

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It also has previous broke records of the mounted concrete pump with the 88m boom. The company has been responsive to the customer demands. The company has well-designed and successful marketing strategies. Through its marketing strategies, it has been able to shift from a welding firm into one of the largest multinational heavy machinery companies in the world. It was considered to be one of the most significant construction projects that were supported by the SANY equipment. More than 14 SANY large machines were used in the project (SANY, 2018). They should ensure they take advantage of these opportunities, especially for developing countries. Threats One of its main threats is the stiff competition the company is facing. Other big companies include Caterpillar which is a worldwide dealer network. For SANY it has the advantage of having related or supporting industries that are working together with to ensure they remain relevant.

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For instance, the company has signed to open an international plant in Indonesia (Companies History, 2014). It has also unveiled opening manufacturing centers in Zhuhai and Lingang. Home Demand conditions These can be described as the demand for products and services that are produced in a country. With home demand, it has been an influence in shaping particular factor conditions. Its headquarters is located in Georgia with 340,000 square feet of manufacturing space (SANY, 2018). In Brazil, it also has a supporting industry in Sao Paulo that produces and distributes construction machinery in the Brazil market. With the help of these support industry, the company has been able to supply mechanism in the construction of development projects throughout the country and beyond. Another one is the Latin America, located in Panama City. Finally, is the one located in Europe with its headquarters in Germany.

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They are involved in making of concrete machinery, hydraulic excavators, hoisting machinery, piling machinery, road machinery, port machinery, wind turbine, mining machinery and petroleum drilling machinery. For one to be successful in the market, they should come clear to what are the products they sell. Price After coming up with the products, the company will then offer establishment in deciding on the rates. Having this in place will determine the profit margins, supply, demand and finally market strategy. Additionally, branding will also be positioned differently depending on the prices of the products. However, in today’s market even actual clients are not converted into a client in an online platform, but this happens in an initial place where clients are converted into an online platform. Luckily, the company has several places where the client can visit their offices and spaces for more and further inquiry.

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Conclusion SANY has been a key player in the manufacturing of heavy equipment's. It has been able to increase over the years and remain relevant in the market. For the last two decade, it has been able to have an annual rate of 50%. com/news/articles/2012-02- 28/sany-to- invest- 143-million- in-mobile- crane-JV- with-Austria- s-Palfinger Companies History. Sany Heavy Industry. Retrieved from http://www. companieshistory. com/sany-heavy- industry/ Flannery, R. sanyglobal. com/company-profile. html Wang, J. January 31). Sany Buys Concrete-Pump Maker Putzmeister to Expand Beyond China.

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