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It is known for its simplicity and its ability for the small collection of interwoven mandatory components. It executes the scientific methods of empiricism. In addition, it stands in for the programmed algorithmic approaches with a more heuristic one I order to aid people and self-organizations to find solutions to problems encountered due to unpredictability and other complex problems. Better understanding of the activities of scrum enables people to know about roles, artifacts and events. Consequently, it will be easy for them to comprehend how they interact to deliver a product into the market (Oprins, Frijns & Stettina, 2019). The results are great and positive as many tangible products have a considerable level of software that facilitates their operations and quality levels. It has made manufacturers innovative to fulfill the demands and desires of their customers (Rubin, 2012).

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For instance, companies like Tesla are manufacturing self-driving cars, it means that scrum in the agile approach has substantially been implemented in facilitating that level of success. There are new demands every day in the manufacturing sector, and their implementation has to accommodate diverse talents in the manufacturing department. The scrum framework in incremental meaning that it can handle risks as complexities keep coming up (Roudias, 2015). Come what may, the main discussion in this research is proving how quality is vital in the agile approach in the manufacturing industry. The sub-questions help finds out how to achieve quality using scrum framework to the manufacturing industry in the Australian manufacturing industries. Literature Review Introduction This literature review summarizes the findings of four articles based on the four sub-questions mentioned in the opening of this research.

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The move to embrace agile scrum approach in manufacturing brought huge milestones in solving complex products to give rise to high-quality products. The scrum framework typically has only one goal, achieving the best quality products by putting them under regular and thorough tests at each stage of development. All the principles of Agile focus in developing quality either directly or indirectly. The highest priority of Agile is to meet the demands and desires of the customers through continuous delivery of quality software. Their processes harness change for the customers’ competitive advantage. The delivery of working software is constantly carried out from a couple of weeks to couples of months based on shorter periods. It also recommended in scrum that business people and developers of the software to work together daily throughout the project (Neto et al.

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Another crucial feature of agile projects is the existence of multiple feedback loops in the whole process of the project (Oprins, Frijns & Stettina, 2019). Planning of Agile Quality Assurance and Control In the context of a project, quality management is the usage of the right processes aiming to provide a quality product and effective project as well. To begin with, their specific definitions, quality assurance are the systematic plans executed within the quality system that is portrayed to install confidence that a product will of good quality due to its adherence to the requirements. On the other hand, quality plan is a set of policies that discuss the standards, quality practices to a given product. Quality assurance is similar to an individual owning license, which makes people to have much confident of the person for being a safety driver (Baig, Shah, & Sajjad, 2017).

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Since the much knowledge and innovations are still developed thus it must be updated constantly and the disseminated to the relevant people. Scheduling approach changes the project action plans for scope, time, cost and quality and the necessity for human resources. Determination of Scrum in Manufacturing Industries to Work outside Software Indeed, Agile contends on mindsets of leaderships thus; it requires strong leadership for its success. Scrum full-scale manufacturing is responsible for the agile mass manufacturing productions. As a matter of facts, it is of great regard to note that team morale is a multiplier for velocity. Moreover, interfaces are designed in order to increase reduction in need of disruptive re-negotiation. Conclusion Indeed, the agile program has been for a long time gained popularity in the contemporary society of uncertainty and environmental fluctuations according to the findings of this article.

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Scrum framework is used in executing agile approach in manufacturing industries by solving potential complex problems and delivering products of high value. Alongside, this article contends that it aids in managing complex products with an aim of initially developing software. It is important to note that better understanding of the activities of scrum enables people to know about roles, artifacts and events. Evidently, there are several differences between the traditional approaches and the scrum approach as portrayed by this article. To effectively contend the differences, this article review uses examples, for example scheduling approach and PMBOK guidelines. Generally, there are major differences results from the individual’s definitions. In the modern societies, most of the companies and organizations use scrum as a simple software framework for their complex and innovative projects.

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