Shear Strength Prediction for Concrete Members Critical Analysis

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Subject Area:Engineering

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Moreover, the design of levees for dams, roads, and pavements is based on the analysis of the slope based on the shear strength of the soil. The paper presents a critical analysis of a study by Karim S. Rebeiz titled “Shear Strength Prediction for Concrete Members” and was published in the Journal of Structural Engineering. Critical Analysis The purpose of the study by Rebeiz was to present alternative shear strength predictions for concrete structures reinforced using steel and lacks the web reinforcements. In this investigation, the author utilized the procedures of dimensional analysis, multiple regression analysis, and interpolation function. Summary The shear failure of reinforced concrete beams lacking web reinforcements is usually caused by the inclined slanting tension cracking. Whenever the cracks develop in the particular beam, the reinforcement becomes unstable.

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