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The use of animals as the primary specimens in the experimental researches has long been the topic of the passionate argumentations. Animals, including the mouse to the fruit fly, are extensively used in systematic studies. The animals are vital for letting scientist to study more regarding the human health and biology and for discovering new drugs. As an outcome, millions of animals experience intense suffering and death because of scientific experiments demonstrating the effects of drugs, therapeutic procedures, cosmetics, food additives and chemical products (Bennett 63). While most individuals argue that animal testing is necessary, the extreme suffering of the innocent creatures implies that using animals in scientific research is an inhumane and unethical way of treating animals. The animals have been used to test vaccines and drugs especially to determine the poisonous drugs and doses in the medical procedures.

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Statistics indicate that about 1. million animals are prone to be used in scientific studies annually with approximately 76,000 subjected to torture devoid of pain reprieve schemes (Herzog 3). Also, the animals are locked up in limited cages with limited to no space for locomotion. The caging results in deaths of several animals since there is no physical and intellectual stimulation in the cage. The experiments on mice and rats predict less than 43% of the humans' side effects while 85 HIV/AIDS vaccines have been useful in the monkeys but none has functioned in the human trials (18). Moreover, the relentless efforts of curing cancer in human have been a successful array of curing cancer in the mouse. The scientist had cured mice cancer for decades but failed to heal human.

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The instances indicates that using animals to see whether the specific and complex proposed human treatments function safely is dangerous and less useful. Moreover, the ineffectiveness is caused by the claims that animals of different species react differently to pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals. In conclusion, the paper indicates that using animals as models in scientific tests have pros and cons to the animals and human society. The animals are essential in expanding the human comprehension about ailments and their corresponding cures. Contrary, the use of animals in laboratory experiments is unethical, immoral and dangerous practices in the contemporaneous settings. Drugs certified based on the animal testing experiments have failed and in some cases resulted in side effects despite the massive destruction of animal lives in the invention of such pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals.

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Therefore there is no need and benefit of causing suffering and pain to animals in a society where there is highly developed computer systems, human tissues, mathematical models, cell cultures and focused irrefutable studies which demonstrate on what happens to the human bodies during diseases.  Significance 7. Herzog, Harold. Congress Should Declare That Mice Are Animals-Now!. Lindauer, Ute. Ethics of Modeling of Cerebral Ischemia in Small Animals.

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