Should People Be Allowed to Own Exotic Animals

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The definition varies from country to another and in the United States for example, the Code of Federal Regulations has defined an animal as any live or dead dog, cat, non-human primate, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit or any other warm blooded animal which is being used for research, testing, teaching, experimentation, exhibition purposes or as a pet. Farm animals are also excluded from exotic animals’ category as long as they are native. Therefore, the question of whether people should be allowed to own exotic animals or not depends largely on the rules and regulations of a certain country, the peoples’ way of life and beliefs, context (Brown & Robert). Discussion A good portion of the population are for the idea that people should be allowed to own exotic animals as domesticating them shows love and care for them too.

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Such people pick these animals from a breeder or a pet store where they have been raised to be docile and easily domesticated or when the animals are still young. Zoos, meat industries and fur farming industries have found exotic animals useful and they have therefore adopted a number of animals to be used for their various purposes. Buffalo and cows for example have been cross bred to produce stronger and more disease resistant bulls and this has been useful for research and meat industries hence a boost to the economy (Alves &Rômulo). This venture has also created a number of employment opportunities for example for zoo keepers, workers in the industries. Allowing people to keep some of exotic animals also proves to be a solution to animal extinction.

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When left in the wild for example they are preyed on and in the end such animals may be extinct altogether. Wild animals like hawks are used to soaring effortlessly though the sky and they will not be content with when confined to the cage (Chomel et. al). Exotic animals may also carry with them dangerous diseases that may be difficult to treat because no much studies have been done on them. These animals are not also vaccinated for diseases, or dewormed, nor do they see a veterinarian regularly. The risk of exposing yourself or other pets to such diseases by keeping the animals is not worth it as they are not a necessity. it doesn’t justify the risk one is exposing themselves to as well as the stress they are subjecting the animal to as they try to adapt to the human environment.

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Exotic animals have a right to grow in their natural habitat and interact with their own kind where they have maximum capacity and ability to survive (Hess &Laurie). References 1. Hess, Laurie. Exotic animals: appropriately owned pets or inappropriately kept problems?" Journal of avian medicine and surgery 25. Brown, Robert. Exotic pets invade United States ecosystems: legislative failure and a proposed solution.  Ind. LJ 81 (2006): 713.

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