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In doing so, the enterprise can encourage communication not only between the consumers but also with the marketers (Lee & Seounmi 2009, 473-499). Word of Mouth Marketing is comprised of buzz, blog, emotional, viral as well as marketing via social media. Electronic word of mouth marketing (eWOM) Electronic Word of Mouth Marketing abbreviated as eWOM is a tactic used by marketers whereby, any positive or negative comment made by an actual, former or potential client electronically, or across the internet, is made available to a mass audience. Electronic word of mouth marketing is comprised of social media posts, online reviews, blogs, and information posted on various groups found online (Lee & Seounmi 2009, 473-499). Messages posted may go viral if they are deemed funny or quite persuasive.

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Companies, therefore, make use of sales representatives, which engage in discussions regarding the products, or services with the consumers, either personally or via phone line. Such forms of interactions encourage conversation about a given product. The source of eWOM for the hotel is the general public which ranges from families, households, employees, tourists, and students, from different races and background, who may visit the restaurant at any point and time. What makes eWOM a powerful tool eWOM is a powerful tool because individuals like to share. Social media sites like tweeter, consumer review sites, and forums of discussion are successful because of people’s need to share. However, before doing so, the company must also be able to monitor the buzz they create.

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By doing so it becomes quite easy for the brand to learn how the customers, as well as potential customers, feel about the products and services provided. Finally, the company must be able to influence the buzz. It simply refers to being available to respond and interact with the people. Factors that influence electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) It is more cost effective to make use of eWOM rather than hiring a PR firm or posting advertisements in the newspaper, despite the fact that it is not an easy task. The thrill and anticipation before announcing a new product is a factor that does have an impact on electronic word of mouth marketing. For example, Apple announced the release of a Champagne colored phone.

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However, such an action would cause a legal battle between Apple and CIVC which is charged with the responsibility of protecting the name. Many news agencies and blog writers were anticipating the legal battle. But as it turned out, it was just rumors, but Apple managed to gain free publicity from the action. Currently, it is impossible for any consumer to make a purchase whether it is online or not without first going through the peer reviews. The impact of eWOM on sales is already a proven fact. The company has to do a better job managing their platforms and products, which also shape the impact that eWOM, can have on the business (Lee & Seounmi 2009, 473-499). It is not just about providing high-quality services and products, but also making sure that more and more customers become aware of that.

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Getting good reviews is one way the hotel can be able to pick up the momentum. However, it is impossible for that to take place if the feedback from other consumers is highly inconsistent. It is, however, important to remember that opinions by consumers which appear polarized are a big problem, thus the marketing team should strive to avoid such at all costs to prevent such a divide within the mainstream base of consumers. It would do no harm for the company to conduct an analysis which examines which product or platforms shape the overall impact on the hotel’s sales. In most cases, the impact of eWOM is much more pronounced when it comes to new products as opposed to products that have been in existence for a long period of time which is major because of the desire by the consumers to lower the risk, or uncertainty that comes when a new product is introduced to the market (Lee & Seounmi 2009, 473-499).

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On the subject of platforms, research shows that eWOM is much more effective and efficient on platforms of e-commerce compared to social media. Product managers’ main focus should be on the financial risk related to the products, or services as well as the stages in the life cycle of the product. In fact, the most important form of the function is monitoring consumer comments on social media and e-commerce platforms during the early phase of the life cycle of the product. On the other hand, platform managers are required to encourage the provision of more information regarding the hotel as a way of propelling eWOM forward without having to overstructure it. Reference List Babić Rosario, Ana, Francesca Sotgiu, Kristine De Valck, & Tammo HA Bijmolt.

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