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This interview was based on his coaching philosophy and planning goals, not just for practice and play but what he wants his players to get out of playing basketball not only for him but also for Bedford Academy. Some background information about Coach Phelps is given below. He played high school basketball at Nazareth in NYC; he was the leading scorer in all of NYS for five years. He was a McDonalds high school all American and was the starting shooting guard for Coach Rick Barnes at Providence where he won the big east championship. He played overseas in Germany, China, and Russia for 8years and also had a tryout with the Dallas Mavericks. You know you also have daily meetings about things all the time about what’s going on, from interactions with parents to meeting with students.

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It could also be about how the teams grades, how they are performing on the court or just interactions I am having with certain students. I invite the parents to practice lessons to discuss about how their children are faring on and for them to see how their children are practicing, (Nash et al, 2014). I let the parents know that I believe in my coaching to be best for the students and therefore my team is in better condition and the best for their kids. When it comes to games, the athletic director is there but usually taking care of other things that are going on. I usually go off the top of my head and try to come up with interesting ideas about training every day.

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Having a daily routine is not a good coaching style for me because it makes the student-athletes get bored by doing the same thing over and over. Describe an organization of a typical practice. Basically, the players come in the practicing ground, and we sit in a circle and let them know about what we're going to be doing during the practice session. Normally, we start out with stretching, then go into warm-ups which are layup lines, and free throw shooting, (Nash et al, 2014). This means you just keep working on an aspect even if it is not going well just because it is in a hung up schedule. Therefore not having a hung up schedule at the gym will help me work on the things that I see are not going right and concentrate on improving them.

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What do you do to create safe coaching environment? Well, the first thing I try to do is make sure that no kids are having any problem such as being sick during the training session. Every kid should be healthy, and those that have injuries are given special attention aside from the normal practice that will enable them to recover well and avoid more injury. I also ensure that all the students have the right gear required for training such as practicing kits. How do you motivate your players? Well as far as motivation is concerned, you got to be consistent in providing support and assistance in every situation. They have to see that you’re a leader in everything you do and therefore I try to be at my best in everything I do.

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Also as a leader, you have to stick to your philosophy the things that you believe in because once you start wavering from what you believe in it will affect the kid’s motivation in negatively, (Nash et al, 2014). You must put in practice what you preach in your coaching philosophy to make the kids know that everything is possible as long as it is put into practice. I also ensure that all of my practices are high-pressure situations because it prepares the players better and become motivated going in any game even if the games are of high pressure. I have learned very valuable lessons from him whether it is concerning the court or off the court. He played a significant role for me to be where I am today.

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