Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

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It is important to note that these businesses do not just grow but there are a number of factors which the mangers of such businesses put into place to be able to grow their businesses. Good management is very important in a business because it is the management that dictates the activities of the business and the path to follow in carrying out the activities of the business. The staffing model used by the business determines to a great extent how the business will progress because it is through it that the organization strategy of the business is strengthened as well as boosting the employees’ performance. With a good staffing model, the manager is able to hire the required number of personnel in the business and hence saving on resources and also maintain the quality of production in the business by hiring qualified people.

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Managers therefore need to have a good staffing model to enable them to realize the objectives of the business and avoid the consequences arising from poorly chosen and implemented staffing models. Because resources are always scarce, the model will also assist me in distributing the available resources in all the departments of the expanded business. The sufficiency model is all about the estimation of the sufficient resources and thus with it, I will be able to keep the resources at the right levels to avoid pressure on resources or misuse which may affect my business negatively. I would also deploy the person-job match model in my daycare business because it perfectly fits in this business. This model requires that every employee be hired for the job which they will give maximum production because they are trained in it (Selig 2018).

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As I employ new staff for various positions, this model will be very critical for me because when I have the right staff, I will get the best results. Transparency is also important in my staffing model and I would achieve it by involving my staff when making decisions which concern them. Democracy is the way to go in all businesses and collective decision making is always better. Because my staff will be a bit larger, I would request the employees to pick representatives amongst themselves and I will discuss with them. In promotions, I will allow all employees who qualify for the promotion to apply for it then I will look thoroughly into them before promotion. After promotion, I will then give room for appeals in case one is not satisfied with the decision.

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The issue of employee turnover has been a big challenge to a number of employees probably because there are many qualified people who need the job and the post may just be one. Therefore, the manager has a great task of determining who among the applicants is more competent. It is almost impossible to do away with it but it can be reduced. During interviews, the applicants should be thoroughly interviewed and those who fit into the organization’s culture and operational style chosen. Through this, the turnover ratio will be reduced. The legal issues in a business should be adhered to if a manager is rational enough because everybody has the ability to do quality work. The manager should also maintain transparency in the business for a good working relationship with the employees and also update job descriptions regularly.

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