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The logistics in the analytical process of the three methods will evaluate the statistical data displayed through graphs, charts and tables, a research study demonstrating hypothesis testing implicitly and explicitly and lastly, the one using inferential statistical analysis tests/ correlation and regression analysis. As such, the analytical research references to demonstrate the three techniques are; Lack of sleep is an inducing factor for cold, Interaction of statistical and hypothesis testing mechanisms in the Word Learning, and the correlation factors explicated among parents’ education, English learning, motivation and income. It is important to note that every tool in the above research studies has been used to instigate and display a clear understanding of the statistical data to the end-user. The usage of graphs and charts visualizes a correlation of the variables used and their relationships.

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At times, such graphs can be analyzed and used to tackle mathematical problems as well as show dependency of the variables used (Myers, Well & Lorch Jr, 2013). Secondly, the Research needed to be inferenced on the cold factor premise. As such, the researcher was required to investigate cold infections. Under this, the researcher administered a rhinovirus nose drops to a confined group of people under study. This virus contains inducements of viral upper respiratory tract infections. Being isolated for five days, blood was drawn from each member before and after isolation to find out the correlation of the two samples to conclude how the body reacts to the rhinovirus antigen. 8% probability of contracting had slept for 6 hours with those, who slept approximately 5 hours showed a probability of 30%.

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Further, those who slept for four and fewer hours displayed the highest probabilistic percentage of 46. 3 contraction rate. From the above, one can adduce that sleep is an essential factor that provides the body with tranquillity needed by the immune system to fight the cold viruses. Study 2. They deem it as a means to an end factor. All those researches finding above are descriptive because they analyze predictions or predicted variables. With the use of questionnaires, the researcher was able to obtain the correlations amongst parents' income, education and motivation influencer factors. From there, the respective English teachers were used in the student's participants to award marks in English based on the achievements of the 9th-grade student. Such results were used to evidence the sample data to be included in the study with the Research interviewing all English teachers and teaching grade 9 students, which is the controlled variable in consideration.

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The correlation between parents’ income (X2) and the learning of English (y) was substantial. This was concluded through the findings of the results, which weighed; Ryx2 = 0671 with R2 = 0. 534, which makes the parental income a contribution of 56% from other factors. At these results, the level of significance is (0. As such, H0 becomes rejected and proves the correlation significant for the students in the 9th grade. In the study, the Research needed a constant to be used to conduct testing. Therefore, to obtain a constant variable, the hypothesis was randomized concerning every participant. The study sought to answer three scenarios and process understanding that participants were subjected to hypothesis testing and understanding literature through statistical learning mechanisms. 1) they needed to know whether incorrect hypothesis interferes with learning 2) the Impact of explicit hypothesis testing to statistical learning 3) the relationship of hypothesis and statistical and co-occurrence information.

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Each participant was taken through the process and the three question scenarios above to collect the required data to test each of the hypotheses. The participants under this very condition were exposed to labels that were not corresponding in correlation to the objects appearing on the screen. On the same, eight trails were 1x4 hypothesis testing trails and showed four objects and one single label. In every trial, the participants were required to remain keen on the screen, and once the word "Select" pops up, each was instructed to pick an object correlating the word. At the same time, a different label was shown on every 1x4 trail, thus making all labels understudy be 8. Each test followed a training period for all the conditions.

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