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As such, Nemours should incorporate a combination of the business and corporate level strategies as well as global strategies in its operations to conduct operations that are veered towards improving the health condition of children. Organizations utilize various business level strategies when working in the business. The strategies provide a guideline for the managers and employees concerning how to conduct business in the competitive environment. For instance, the majority of the organization tends to integrate the business level strategy centered on the coordination of unit activities in the company. In the same way, Nemours children’s hospital can consider relying on various potential business-level strategies to enhance the functions of the care organization. Another potential business-level strategy for the organization is a competitive advantage.

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Nemours hospital should develop a distinct competitive edge that can aid in developing a successful and competent care facility for the children. Corporate level strategies can also guide Nemours children’s hospital in making decisions regarding how it can enhance its services to the patients and their families. The corporate level strategies also enable the organization to determine whether or not to compete with other care facilities or to partner with them. Nemours organization can become a leader by incorporating various potential corporate strategies in its operations. Global strategies are centered on empowering communities that reside in areas that are mostly neglected in the world (McDonnell, Lamare, Gunnigle and Lavelle, 2010). Global strategies enhance the lives of the children and women through provision of quality care in the neglected areas.

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As such, Nemours should integrate potential global strategies that empower communities through the provision of quality care to the children in neglected areas. The care facility can implement various global strategies including education and training, prevention and care, advocacy and outreach, and integrating technology into its services and operations. Education and training enable care providers at Nemours to work alongside the community to help indulge in successful and competent healthcare interventions. The combined strategies will enable the facility to become a leader in providing quality services to the children. This is because by coordinating the unit activities the facility will make sure that all employees support the goals and objectives of the organization that are centered on care interventions that provide quality care to patients in the community.

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