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As such, the restaurant the restaurant is today being counted amongst the cheapest and fastest growing restaurant franchise in the world that serves three menus; sandwich, giant subs, and desserts (The Entrepreneur, 2014). Therefore, the success of the restaurant has been attributed to many things all of which can be condensed together into marketing. Thus, as far as marketing mix is concerned, it has been an integral part of the restaurant with the 4Ps forming its backbone. Thus, it is with that regard that the paper shall analyze Subway's 4p's marketing strategy with focus being on the company’s new product of sorbet dessert. PRODUCT STRATEGY The product segment encompasses a wide avenue of elements that are both tangible and intangible which include services and goods.

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Thus, even when the product stage reaches, there will be no hurt feelings by the company concerning the product. Branding The sorbet dessert is an idea of the Subway and thus, it shall always be associated with the company that today has several outlets scattered across the universe. As such, sorbet will easily blend with the customers who are used to eat at Subway and thus it shall be easily purchased without the customer’s worry concerning the quality. Brand equity, will also enable the company identify its esteemed customers and thus focus on marketing sorbet dessert to them. Packaging and Labelling Sorbet Dessert product is under the Subway company and thus by default, the company’s packaging and labelling will be based on Subway’s logo and branding also will be of great advantage to the product.

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In a bid to make sure that such happenings never happen in Subway, the business took the initiative of taking an holistic approach as far as responding to the needs of the clients is concerned. As such, this saw them adopt a product-led approach where there prices are standardized thereby allowing the customers to get quality products at an affordable price as compared to KFC and McDonalds (Bhasin, 2016). Due to the fact that the sorbet is of quality and the quantity is also big, it will sell at a slightly high price (Bhasin, 2016). PLACE Channels Provision of products and services to consumers is one of the fundamental aspects towards growing a business, and that is one thing that Subway has executed well as far as bringing the restaurant closer to the people.

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Subway's decision of using a franchise has worked to the favor of the company making it become one of the sort after restaurants in the world. PROMOTION MIX The promotion segment goes in line with the product and distributional strategy that need to be incorporated together to enable the company make sounding decisions concerning its operations. As such, the segment usually encompasses three elements; advertising, public relation, and sales promotion which work concurrently to enable a swift marketing of goods and products. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Since the company's inception in the 1960s, Subway has used numerous strategies that are IMC centered to aid in their promotional activities. Using the slogan "Eat Fresh," Subway has been able to drive its message home of selling of freshly baked products made from fresh ingredients (Bhasin, 2016).

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The company has also used the media in advertising its products, and this has seen the company also using games such as "instant win. As much as the process might appear costly, it worth, since once the product has become renowned, all profits will be realized by the Subway Company. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Subway has got its restaurants set up in many countries, and thus, it is by no doubt that that sorbet dessert will have a worldwide coverage in no time. The many flavors of sorbet that are in existence also add-up to the product's strength of being able to attract people even without the help of the Subway brand. As such, this among many other attributes will give sorbet the market presences, and this will, in turn, ensure that Subway realizes the full potentiality of the product.

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CONCLUSION In conclusion, it is evident that the 4Ps does form an integral part of any business that one is planning on doing or the running of the business. P. Market Segmentation: A Review. European Journal of Marketing, 2(5), 20-42. Bhasin, H. Marketing Mix of Subway.

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