TechFite Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Employees will also be well-informed about their rights, the hiring process about the hours, benefits and wages, what is needed to transition to full-time employment from part-time and contractual basis. By all means, this will encourage inclusivity and a solid work-place environment through employee participation and engagement (Carroll, Brown & Buchholtz, 2017). TechFite is clearly invested in its workforce’ growth, and an environment where the employees feel valued and appreciated will be fostered. Another corporate policy in place will be to consider TechFite’s employees are working for a minimum of 35 hours weekly as full-time employees. They will be entitled to an annual paid leave, medical benefits and staff rewards. Legal issues on the other hand stem from what ought to be implemented as per the laws of the land.

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Even though the law does not entirely address all the ethical constraints that may face an organization such as TechFite that dwells in a dynamic business environment, it is crucial to find the middle ground between these two key aspects. TechFite’s top-level management could be entitled to interim bonuses, but this may not augur well with the junior employees who may end up feeling aggrieved. The organization, therefore, has to consider promoting ethical working standards since employees’ wellbeing plays a huge role in the overall sustainability of the organization. If legal confines have not been clearly defined, ethical solutions may not be easily found for the involved parties (Valentine & Fleischman, 2013). S laws and regulations regarding pay cuts and wages. The officer would have advised the firm to deliver the promises to the people of Dellberg as per their financial muscle and be accountable lest the community loses more faith in them.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility is attained when an organization embraces the concept of being at the forefront of enhancing the sustainability of the community it has a presence in by taking into account the ethical, social and environmental impact it has on the community (Fischer, 2013). This is essential for any company that aims to maintain a good repute among its stakeholders including its workforce and even the community it is liable to. TechFite could give back to Dellberg community by coming up with ecological modes of technologies that are environment-friendly and even donate some money for medical facilities and schools to be built and could implement this provision of funds in their annual budget. There should be more efforts focused on the formulation of policies that encourages employee participation in corporate decision making especially in the process of hiring pertaining to the hours, benefits and wages.

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By all means, this will encourage inclusivity and a solid work-place environment. By effectively handling the issue pertaining to employees’ wages and hours, there will be available funding to gradually finance the rebuilding and restructuring of the city of Dellberg as promised thus improving the living quality of the environment as well as the overall economy of Dellberg by far and large. How the courses of action are ethically responsible The committee formed with the aim of facilitating the communal programs and forums backs up the company’s culture of being involved in the community events, and this will elevate the socio-economic status of the community. The project of rebuilding the city of Dellberg through infrastructure expansion taking into consideration eco-friendly and sustainability measures for the community’s benefit is a clear indication that TechFite has the community’s best interests at heart (Valentine & Fleischman, 2013).

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