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New treatment devices, new treatments, new drugs, new social media support for health, new improved machines and new researches are all part of the technology in the healthcare. Technology is moving medicine improvements more than any other force in the healthcare. Though, there are so many infections and diseases, science and technology is curbing much of these fatal diseases. This article discusses about application of science and technology in the medicine and in healthcare sector. Technology solves the problem of poor quality services in healthcare institutions. Some examples of the new technologies in medicine and science include stem cells, new virus such as HIV, plastic surgery, transplanting and cloning (Mooney, 2003). First of all, it is now clear that medicine has greatly improved and saved many lives since many people have possibility of living longer lives as well as capability to increase the population.

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The new population is important in that it gives room for discovering of new disease which may break out in the society. In fact, most of diseases are similar though they have different symptoms and signs. Some of them have cure whereas others have no cure at all. It is used to deliver light, drugs and even other substances to the body cells, for instance, the cancer cells. This enables decreased damage to other healthy body cells such as the hairy cells. In most cases, this happens to be the side effect cancer is treated via chemotherapy- hair loss occurs. In addition, nano factories is the newest research for the future of medicine whereby a tiny –cell like machine in someone’s body would just manufacture medicine and administer exactly the required dosage at its own.

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There will be no need of visiting a doctor frequently. It can also aid in reducing so many challenges that the United States and the entire world is facing. Cloning can be defined as the process of producing a genetically identical organism by use of DNA fragments of the initial organism. Many scientists and doctors have a huge belief that one time cloning will produce tissues and crucial organs for transplants among humankind. In fact, much of challenges in health need to be reduced even before cloned organ transplants becomes more active and spread to many parts of the world. For instance, best technologies for generating and generating the human embryos, also harvesting the stem cells and eventually producing various organs from the stem cells would be established.

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