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is an American multinational technology company that deals with developing, designing, and selling of consumer electronics, computer software, and provision of online services. The company deals with hardware products like iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, the mac person computer, iPod portable media player, Apple watch smartwatch, and Home Pod smart speaker. The Apple company software products include macOS and iOS operating system, iTune media player, the Safari web browser, iLife creativity and productivity and other professional applications like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. The company also deals with online services which include iTune and the iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Apple music and iCloud. Apple Inc. The company embraces the concept of globalization in that they merge with other technology and service provision economies across the world to minimize the tariff barriers for international trade.

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The globalization of Apple Inc. The company has mainly driven a combination of international economic, technological, social-cultural, and political factors. As globalization study measure the world activities on the basis of the country size and company growth, the recent measurement methods show advancement basing on the econometric and computer technology advancement. Globalization increases financial linkage in a company operating globally which increases the degree of diversification with reference to the products and services that the company offers to its customers, enabling it to cope with idiosyncratic shocks. The company has achieved a great market position and reputation in the world electronic field. Currently, Apple Inc. The company is enhancing its differentiation strategy of the product. This strategy involves introducing unique elements during product design and development.

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The differentiated products of the company depict a unique character that is more attractive to the customers thus improving the value of the goods produced (Hitt, 2017, p. Modern technology has enabled the company to produce powerful hardware and versatile platforms which creates a unique environment in building custom apps for the company. Computing clouding is a new technology adapted by the Apple Inc. The company in data storage, synthesis, and retrieving. The company is operating globally and therefore requires a centralized managerial system where information can be sent or received from all the sources. Cloud storage technology enables protection of the company’s private information such that the information can only be achieved by the required individuals. Company. Other technologies that have directly influenced Apple Inc.

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The company leading to its success are the development of programming apps in their devices that enables customers to program easily and henceforth facilitating innovation of new systems. Website development, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) as they develop within the company as service provided broaden the company’s market enabling it to overcome competition and therefore remaining relevant in the market. the company keeps the door open for any innovation that aims at improving the quality of products and services provided to the clients. The black color scheme design is used in professional products like MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. The unique production model enables the company to outdo other competing companies in the industry thus remaining at a peak in the product sale.

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Resource-based model Resource-based model views the company resources as a superior firm performance, enabling the company to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The four components applied by the Apple Inc. for a resource-based model for above-average returns include resources, capabilities, core competencies, and competitive advantage. The mission statement for the Apple Inc. is in form of a narrative elaborating the products the company provides to its clients and their unique features and current condition. Stakeholders Apple Inc. The company recognizes that different stakeholders have a different level of influence in the success of a company and therefore need to be treated differently. The company mainly depends on more critical and valuable stakeholders whose participation significantly affects the success of a company.

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