The effective use of policies and procedures and the role of Hunan Resources

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Companies should not necessarily share the same HR policies and procedures. However, it is necessary for the stakeholders to adhere to the set policies of the company. The policy stands as a formal statement indicating the rules as well as principles of operations within the organization. With the help of the procedures, members are aware of the step to be taken in executing the given policy into consideration. Ideally, it is apparent that the HR policies and procedures stand as the backbone of the firm at any given point in time. The ability to have competent HR policies and policies will indeed prove helpful. In case the policies are not in line with the ultimate firm’s goals, there is a need to benchmark and obtain the appropriate steps to implement.

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Importance of HR policies The use of the HR policies within the firm makes it possible to meet the demands of diverse stakeholders. That makes it a must in every organization, and lack of such policies thwart the aspect of direction and can compromise key success trails within the firm. Different realities exist in organizations, and not everyone can get along with others. The moves strike a balance between the expectations and set duties. Having a clear understating of the roles makes it possible to understand the boundaries upon which an individual can exercise the given powers. That will create the hierarchy needed within the organization. When an employee, for instance, does not understand his or her duties, it becomes an uphill task improving on service delivery.

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That can make specific individual seems incompetent. The environment created will contribute to the ultimate success of the firm. Consequences of poor HR policies People are different, and every person presents set morals, ethics as well as values. It is unlikely to find individuals sharing all these attributes. Instead, individuals can compromise what they believe in to fit in a given space at a given time. In fact, such people can compromise their set values once they operate in an informal space. The decision alone is not enough. Creating awareness among the employees is also necessary to remain aware of the working conditions. Those who are not will to adhere to the set terms should be free to exit to prevent any conflict after that.

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The existing rules, for instance, can inform employees of the various regulations, which when violated, culminates in immediate termination. An organization will be able to succeed once there are consequences for different inappropriate behavior. How the policies and procedures differ Ideally, every organization differs regarding the structure and other elements. That prompts the difference in the policies and procedures at any given instance. However, it is apparent that the regulations remain simple and straightforward at any given situation. The policies aim at the provision of guidelines. In every country, there are set legal procedures which every organization must conform to at any given instance. The employee benefits policy offers a comprehensive outline of the terms and conditions pertaining to aspects such as salary, holiday, paid leave as well as insurance terms among others.

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The payroll policies relate to the existing salary and wages to be paid to the employees. That also include the deductions as well as advancements needed at any given instance. The current workplace guidelines within the firm concerns with the arrangements involving flex time, the utilization of the company assets as well as conveyance among other aspects. The most crucial policy in an organization is the employee conduct policy. For example, a manager having a sexual relationship with a culprit is unlikely to act based on the policies; hence, morality and ethics should cut across within the firm. In conclusion, HR policies and procedures help the organization in many ways. In fact, the department plays nearly every role of the organization from recruitment until the provision of the product or service to the end user.

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