The impact of project manager's communication competencies on the project

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In many business, growth of its activities depends on Project Management. Project management is significantly different from employees’ team management. This is mainly depends on the nature of the project and the efficiency of project manager. Project manager should ensure competence communication in order to enhance conducive working environment. This research aims to analyses the project manager’s proposal communication competence and its effect on the project results using interviews on several project managers. Organizations offer project manager final responsibilities for monitoring and delivering project results. The tusk include being responsible in coordinating activities in different functional lines technical and managing stakeholder’s communication. Daily duties include management of the project time, scope, risk, cost, relationship with suppliers and quality, among others.

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Project manager should ensure team management, technical skills, negotiation skills, business skills and financial acumen (Ives, 2005). The project manager should follow a certain policy in order to attain the objectives of their project as well as meeting or exceeding predictions of the stakeholders. Therefore, one may appreciate that there is a need to know the factors that impact his/her performance as a manager. Several Questions arise based on the above: how much can project manager communication affect project’s end results? Which personal communications associated with the project manager’s professional skills have more influence in this relationship? Research Question What is the Impact of project manager’s communication competence on performance of the project? Literature Review This section of the proposal will present the theoretic background of project manager’s proposal communication competence on project performance.

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Project management performance is measured using criteria such as measures variables (Creasy & Anantatmula, 2013). Technical aspects include the in classic version of iron triangles: time, scope cost and the quality. These technical criteria builds the basis of relating the research to project success. Henderson (2010) describes competence in three dimensions: a combination of skills, knowledge and attitude that includes technical issues, behavior and cognition. This research is based on the understanding that competence is a requirement of project management. The profession is required to know her desire of ensuring that the end results of the project are successful. Knowledge refers to as a structured set of assimilated information that enables the understanding of the world (De Araújon & Pedron, 2015). It includes accessing data and the ability of turning them into useful information.

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Ability to inspire a vision – good project manager should predict future trends of his/her project. Good communication skills-the habit of communicating with people in different levels helps project manager to attain success of their project. Integrity –a good project manager should ensure commitment and ethical practices. Leadership skills- project manager should interact with other teams from different organization in order to get more skills and ideas to develop his/her project. Good decision maker- good project managers should be empowered to make great decisions which help improve project performance. • Performance of the projects is affected by Project Managers’ attitude. • Knowledge of project managers affect performance of the projects. • Project Manager’s skills affect project performance. Methodology Research comprised of competence communication of project manager depends on the attitude, skills and knowledge of the researcher.

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In this study, we will choose to keep the project manager personal characteristics directly related to the project performance to make the relationship much explicit, so that impacts and moderation effects could be directly measured without a second-order competence constructs. The questionnaire will be sent to the project management association in Ghana. More than 1000 completed questionnaires are expected to be collected from Project Managers aged between 30 and 65. A total of 97% of the Project Managers are expected to have a college degree distributed in technology information areas (60%) engineering (20%), administration (10%), and other (5%). The professionals, 78% of them, are expected to have managed projects for more than 3 years and 66% are expected to have done so for more than 6 years. 66% of the targeted Project Managers are expected to be working in the private sector and 36% to be working the public sector.

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