The impacts of the foundational Nazi theories on the violence dynamics

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Theme of Unity and its role in the dynamics of war 20 4. Conclusion 27 Bibliography 29 Introduction The intention of this dissertation is to analyse and provide an argument to the significant elements that made up the Nazi and the main themes that are identifiable in relation to their philosophy. By doing this analysis, I intend to demonstrate the coherency of the Nazi philosophy and how this philosophy influenced the dynamics of violence that emerged. The main themes that will be discussed entail the advancement of the notion that leadership which is strong creates unity in both racial and social aspects at the expense of pluralism that is brought by democracy that is liberal; the antagonism of Marxist theories and their substitutions with the notion of nationalism that is organic; the doctrine of race, which entail anti-Semitism, purification of races, and struggles by various racial divides to survive; and the admiration of not only force but also the use and admiration of violence.

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These are summarized as the theme of leadership coupled with the consideration of might as being right, the racial and the unity themes.

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