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Hamilton identifies the elves of Britain, leprechauns of Ireland, and dragons of China as intriguing mythological creations. Every culture has its monsters. Even today, reports occur of people who claim to have seen the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, or extra-terrestrial aliens. Whether these creatures exist or not, people’s fascination with monsters continues, with the monsters they imagine often reflecting the culture of the time. According to Fiona MacDonald, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reports that, in the next ten years, a colony on the moon is likely to exist. Introduction: The colonies on the moon have presented several merits on staying on the moon. The moon is made up of about a sixth of the gravitational pull of the earth.

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Therefore, it could make a very cheap spaceport from which to launch various missions to different parts of the solar system. The moon is made up of the variety of natural resources that could be mined, the natural resources that exist on the moon include, helium which is obtained from the sun which as well could be used in generating energy from fusion. Human beings have praised the existence of monsters ever since and the mythological creations that do exist on the moon. The lunar day's experience in the moon is about 29 days of the earth. This means that most regions on the lunar surface do receive almost two weeks of the daylight which is followed by some two weeks of the night.

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According to the researches done by the National Aeronautics and the Space Administration (NASA), the colony of the moon is like to take place despite the challenges (MacDonald 15). The places are made up of strong constraints of energy sources and this will automatically affect the human circadian rhythms to a bigger extent than we would see with shift workers on our planet earth. Some of the missions like the Apollo missions to the moon that happened between the year 1969 and 1972 showed us that the lunar dust is very abrasive, toxic to the human beings and it sticks everywhere. As well known, most astronauts who live for an extended period in the microgravity environment of the orbiting space stations most often do suffer psychological challenges.

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The Morden colony will be excited about being kept in the lava tubes but they will familiar with life in the confined shelters. Specifically on their return period to earth. We are not sure if colonists living for the extended time in the space in a sixth gravity of the moon as well are faced with these similar challenges and there is always a common question on how humans will react to the life of confined habitat. In the article written by Patrick McCormick on why monsters have become alien to the US (Oreck 17). All the techniques will be done with regards to the problems and challenges which are normally expected in developing in confined places. For example, the concrete which is used in constructing the biosphere and two facilities near the Arizona and Tucson was detected to be absorbing the oxygen more than the expected.

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Thus automatically leading to problems with the human beings and other specifies as well it is believed that the place is occupied by the monsters which could be a threat to other species as well. This happened during a closed mission of 1991. The easy travelling that exists between the earth and the moon makes it a better place to test out new things and technologies and resolve issues that do arise before embarking on the colonization of other distant worlds. In conclusion, the colonization of the moon is very much problematic to the humankind and needs a lot in terms of the cost wise. The weather in the region is not favourable for the human activities. The claims by countries to colonize the moon will take longer since it requires a lot of time and wide techniques.

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