The Role of Art in America since the Gilded Age

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Although there was economic growth, financial misleading and political corruption raised tremendously. In addition, wealthy people lived fancy life where they embraced their mansions being decorated with paints. The art played an important role in expressing feelings, ideas, and opinion regarding the American society during the Gilded Age. Beginning with the Gilded Age, how art has been a reflection of society? According to Twain (2016), the artists during the Gilded Age were able to express their ideas concerning the challenges which faced Americans. Several paintings were closely associated with the industrialization which was the core driving factor for economic growth. Politics in the cities influenced most companies in which workers were demanded to work for longer hours (Twain, 2016). However, the wage level per individual was lower regardless of the improvement of the economy.

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The political issues seemed to affect the wage rate in the organizations which were under government control. Due to the rise of political corruption, there was a high voter’s turnout since people demanded civil services and political reforms in the society. Furthermore, the unfavorable working condition, low wage and long working hours caused many employees in several industries to strike. The art in the context of social justice aimed at helping the communities to understand the different ways they could have used to deal with issues which affected them. A huge number of people have embraced the use of graphic paintings to ensure that the voice of the people in the society is heard. Neoclassicism and expressionism, visual artworks also helped in the establishment of movement which aimed at fighting social injustices which later helped in shaping perceptions and values of people in the American society (Tilly and Wood, 2015).

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In the 20th century, Americans encountered challenges ranging from politics, economics, and environmental issues. Social justice movements aimed at ensuring that American was a better and safe place. The artist expressed their feelings regarding the economic problems through their artwork. Moreover, the government also used the artwork to demonstrate the various ways of promoting prosperity in America. Despite the economic problems, discrimination in terms of gender and ethnicity affected the lives of Americans negatively. Women artist expressed their feelings through artwork in order for their ideas or grievances to be heard. However, they encountered challenges since art world was male-dominated. For instance, gender discrimination and ethnicity have dominated the art world. This means female and ethnic minorities face challenges when they have an idea which they need it to be heard by everyone in the society.

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Promoting equality in the art world would help in making it more relevant to our lives (Meecham and Sheldon 2013). Conclusion Art played a very significant role during the gilded age. Artist expressed their feelings, opinions, and ideas regarding the good and bad things which happened during this period. Sheldon, J. Modern art: A critical introduction. Routledge. Nichols, C. M. Social Movements 1768-2012. Routledge.

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