The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mike Robege Analysis

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The author mentions that there are various challenges associated with the sales organization, sales managers as well as their salespeople. Sales has been put into the lame light whereby the board members of various organizations are focusing on the sales currently as compared to the past years. One of the reasons that have supported this interest is the increase in competition every company nowadays has an oft-quoted figure which shows that it has twice as many competitors as it had five years ago. Assuming that this figure is valid, it can be said statistically that the market share of an average company has been cut into half. The other factor that has contributed to this interest is precariousness of the strategy that most companies depend on to deal with the effects of hyper-competition.

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Every buyer's context has a peculiar sale hiring formula. Five criteria which related to strong success has been provided in the book. One of the criteria is coachability which explains the ability of an individual to absorb as well as apply coaching (Roberge p. The second issue that was identified is curiosity. Curiosity refers to the ability to recognize a potential customer context by through questioning and effective listening. Some of these recruiting agencies might not need the company at heart. Therefore, they will hire individuals who impress them rather than the needs of the company. Instead, a company should consider developing a recruiting agency within its boundaries. The book has recommended that the sales on LinkedIn as well as forced referral are a good source of passive sales individual.

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