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The T-Shirts will be custom made as by the requirements of the customer. Our target market will be teenagers and young adults below 30 years. The aim of this business plan is to seek for sponsorship to get it started. We aim to raise at least $500,000 in total for this business to kick off. Majority of our business will be T-Shirts printing but we will expand in future to print custom made shirts also. Products and services The main product will be the T-shirts which will be branded as by the customer's requirements and company colors. There will be different styles from which the clients will choose from, or they can just come up with their own design ideas. The products will be printed using high standards technology with a keen interest in precision and the finer details that most companies tend to ignore.

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The technology which will be used to produce the products will be sublimation. To sublime is a procedure through which heat is used to transfer ink to a surface, preferably fabric like a T-shirt. The person will need to collect the information of the customers and understand their interests the create a satisfaction survey to ensure the services offered are excellent. Managing employees within the marketing department will be another role the person will perform. Finally, another duty will be identifying new opportunities for the business. The identification can be done by studying the market trends and finding which markets have been unexploited. By coming up with proper peak and off-peak demand periods, the marketing manager will help a lot the growth of the printing business (Campbell, 2015).

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Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis Strengths i. The company will be able to respond quickly since there will be no barriers or information break down. Each individual will have a clear cut-down role to play (Milgram, 2012). ii. The customer care will be the best in this region since we plan to have more customer care representatives (Milgram, 2012). The cash flow into the business in the initial stage may be a challenge. iv. There might arise a challenge of important staff leaving if the business does not pick well. Premises, plant and equipment The business will be located in Melbourne City since we discovered there are not so many companies that do some kind of business. We will start from a rented space in a prime location, where there is a huge traffic of people, most preferably in a mall.

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vii. Heating unit, to ensure sublime process is successful. Information systems and telecommunications The company will use the latest trends in technology, the computers will be from Apple Macintosh, the latest models. We will have the broadband internet connection to facilitate communication in and outside the business with our clients. Intellectual property, licences and memberships Insurances All the property we will have will be insured by AON insurance company. Develop a realistic and achievable marketing strategy since it is the core of this business. v. The team that we will hire to be the best in the market right now. vi. Aim at reaching target sales and surpassing them, this goal will be an indication of a profitable business. Sales The availability of the T-Shirts on making an order will be the priority.

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Since we will be using the website to sell our products, we intend to make it user friendly and mobile responsive. There will be visible categories so that a customer does not struggle to search for the products. Customer management and retention The availability of the T-Shirts on making an order will be the priority. Since we will be using the website to sell our products, we intend to make it user-friendly and mobile responsive. To make this possible we will buy a unique printer from HP, one that will be custom made just for our business alone. Business competition The industry Our products will offer a unique edge which is not available currently in the industry. There will be a Target market The target market will be teenagers and young adults, hence there will need to have T-Shirts printed with the latest trends such as latest music since most young people watch and listen to music on a daily basis.

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The graphics will be diverse, offering the customers a number of options to choose from or the custom kind of music graphics to appear or any kind of images they have in their minds. Market competition We have already identified three competitors in the market already. iii. Design Hub- they have almost the same business model as ours but they have a limited number of graphics customers to choose from. They do not allow custom designs. For us we will have a variety of graphics and can allow custom designs. Influence of Five forces The five factors are: i. The suppliers’ bargaining power- suppliers will be the major partners especially in supply of raw materials. As a result, we will maintain a good relationship with them (Grant, 2015).

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