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Factors such as marketing analysis, marketing materials and marketing strategies can be taken into considerations in order to achieve the goals. Marketing analysis may include a review of local businesses collected data, as well as cost effective promotional tools and resources that will be promote marketing strategy. Marketing materials may include a review of communication information based on competitiveness which can be used by potential investors. This report focuses on the main strategies that a municipal can consider to economically develop cities and its population. Commercial Advertisement Commercial advertisement helps in taking your massage directly to targeted population or customers and build customers base. The privilege can be expensive but the returns can out outweigh the expense considering that building your national network is at most unrealistic.

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Have a Modern Looking Website Having a well renovated website attracts contemporary tourist since people want to see an advertisement with high quality images, breakdown of prices and detailed information before they decide where they want to travel. Maintaining of this website maybe needed in order to attract a lot of people. Host a Blogger Trip You can have bloggers promoting your tourism business by writing articles in the internet and social media. Austrian Board of Tourism is a good example; it flew a number of bloggers to “have a once-in-a-lifetime trip” and in exchange the bloggers promoted the tourism industry by writing about the trip. Attracting customers needs a focus on best opportunity. Tourism product includes psychological and physical experiences obtained by customers during travel to the destinations.

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It combines different services such as entertainment, attraction, transport and accommodation. The graph below shows world’s economic and tourism growth over the years due to improved services. Source; United Nation World Tourism Organization http://ourworldindata. Source of data; REMPLAN Tourism Analysis Module. 56620000005 Accessibility It is the means of transport by which the tourist will reach the destination, either by a coach, car, airline, ship or train. Easy accessibility means cheap prices and vise versa. If a place of attraction is limited to certain transport facility or require unique transport facility it becomes of less value. Tourism attraction located close tourist-generating markets and have efficient means of transport have maximum number of tourists (Tribe 124). The attraction could be like sites, cultural, national parks, trade fairs, mountains, flora and fauna and such (Evans 89).

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Attractions of tourism are to a large extent, often geographical in character. For those who seek the solitude and wilderness, physical space is thought to be a component. Management of animal life can create a good attraction. Man impact on the natural landscape informs of his habitat, archaeological remains and historical monuments is also a major attraction. Tourism industry is a source of income from across the globe, creating employment opportunities, and it also increases the economic wealth which will as well aid other upcoming industries to develop the nation. Good lifestyle and safe environment make people feel more contented towards tourism. Works Cited Andreas, M. “National Marketing Strategies in International Travel and Tourism”. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. Print Tribe, J.

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