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The automotive company is a first and biggest in Japan and takes the second position in the world as far as vehicle manufacturing is concerned because Toyota vehicles are recognized for their durability and reliability, quality, engineering, and value. The main principles of Toyota Company are to contribute to the development and growth of the society via vehicles manufacturing. This was achieved by producing vehicles that meet the needs of society and enriches people's lives, also developing roots in the communities they serve by creating jobs, making profits and paying taxes hence enriching the local economies where they operate. In the 2018 fiscal year, Toyota employed some 369,124 people. The past problem faced by Toyota in 2005 was unintended acceleration experienced in a Camry car model. The company through their external communication had to address their customers and public via a letter stating that the problem was attributed to the wrong installation of floor mats. The solution by the company was to recall the affected Camry model for proper installation of floor mats and issued a statement to their customers upon the state of art to ensure the reputation of the company is kept high and protected. However, the company response team was blamed for being too slow to solve the problem. Memo to employees, stakeholders and potential new clients To: All employees From: President Date: 25th August 2018. Subject: Recalling all 2003 to 2009 produced the Toyota Camry car model. Changes are going to be introduced to the Toyota Camry car model as a result of the problem faced by Camry cars model of unintended acceleration that is attributed to the improper installation of floor mats.

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With regard to the problem, the company is recalling all 2003 to 2009 produced Camry car models. I would bring to the attention of all employees that the problem resulted from the wrong installation of floor mats hence calling for more care to prevent the occurrence of such challenges in the future as well as preserve the integrity of the company. To: All Stakeholders From: President Date: 25th August 2018. Subject: Recalling all 2003 to 2009 produced the Toyota Camry car model. I would reassure all shareholders or stakeholders that the problem of unintended acceleration Camry car model is being handled and the reputation of the company is protected from any further damage. The company recalled all Camry car model produced from 2003 to 2009 which were noted to exhibit the problem. Furthermore, the company has already embarked executing the solution as well as possible modifications has been done as part of contingency plan.

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To: All Customers and Potential new clients From: President Date: 25th August 2018. Subject: Recalling all 2003 to 2009 produced the Toyota Camry car model. Thank you Maggie. Company profile and Problem Statement Toyota Motor Corporation was established in 1937 by Toyoda Koichiro and is located in Japan. The company is headed by Akio Toyoda, operates in the manufacture and sale of vehicles and parts. Operations of the company are divided into automotive operations, financial services and all other operations linked to automotive. Automotive operations involve designs, manufacturing, assembling and selling of passenger cars, trucks, and related automotive parts and accessories. The main purpose of engaging in afforestation is to give hand in reclaiming degraded areas and also mitigating the adverse effects of the polluted environment. Apart from the installation of catalytic converters in internal combustion engines by Toyota Company to reduce emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides to the atmosphere, they have also fully engaged in afforestation as a way of solving the problem of global warming.

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The vision of the company is “Toyota will lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Through our commitment to quality to quality, constant innovation and respect for the planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile. We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a better way. Toyota Sienna was produced in between 2005 to 2011, with its largest market in the United States of America. Upon the complaints made the clients on brake failure of Sienna minivans, the company through the external communication recalled about 310,000 Sienna minivans in the United States in order to prevent the risk of rollaways in case of brake pedals failure.

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The company suffered losses since the claims of the brake problem linked to Toyota manufactured sienna model tarnished the picture of the company and its highly respected reputation. Also, the product-enticed customers and already users of the product are the most affected by the faulty brake pads as this put their lives at risk of rollaways as well as increased risk of a crash. The shareholders are affected by the problem because it damages the good reputation the company had and hence it reduces the returns expected. Besides, Quick response team as well as increased field experts will promot faster investigation of claims, feedback to customers and quick establishment and implementation of recommended problem solution. Hence, the reputation of quality and safety will be defended. The main reason for increasing the number of experts in the field is order to maintain the high perceived value of their products.

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Reflection on the Company The company is on the verge of defending its reputation hence ignoring to admit some of the problems raised their customers. For instance, the customer once ignored the problem of unintended acceleration yet it required immediate address as the problem was deadly.  The International Journal of Human Resource Management 25. Menezes, Mozart BC, Diego Ruiz-Hernández, and Renato Guimaraes. The component commonality problem in a real multidimensional space: An algorithmic approach.  European Journal of Operational Research 249. Li, Zhen.

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