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At the same time, the restaurant has recorded very high inventory levels thereby increasing the costs of operation. The staff has also registered complaints that they are regularly out of stock in operating the restaurant. Other issues that have been reported include inconsistency in the quality of food production. This has been underlined by a trend where food items are consistently late in coming out of the kitchen when they ordered for by the hotel guests. Effectively, the management could also propose policies to ensure that they improve the level of sanitation in the kitchen and the dining areas by setting cleaning standards and establishing a cleaning schedule. To a large extent, the problems in the restaurant have led to a recent trend where guests have been complaining of poor service.

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The director of sales in the hotel has expressed embarrassment in bringing potential clients to the restaurant since the service that is offered is deplorable. Moreover, the hotel has faced scheduling problems during high occupancy levels since the restaurant is often understaffed to meet client demands. As a result of the existing gaps, there is a need of managerial attention to ensure that appropriate solutions are recommended and implemented. One of the areas where the management team needs to intervene to change service delivery in the restaurant. There is a need of conducting training to ensure that staff members are encouraged to provide their feedback on the training manuals that are offered and on the service standards that are required of them.

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Conducting interactive meetings is an equally important element to ensure that staff members understand the rationale for the proposed changes to increase their coordination. Management intervention is equally necessary within the restaurant to ensure that customer service training is introduced. As a consequence of the complaints of customers within the restaurant, it is only plausible for the management to re-introduce a regular staff training program to teach them how they can effectively handle clients. An interactive session could be organised by management to provide employees with the opportunity to explain why they have not been able to meet customer service standards. It is equally important for an analysis to be conducted to determine the costs which made it difficult for the restaurant to achieve high profitability levels.

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Moreover, the restaurant could seek for an alternative methodology of increasing profitability. It will be necessary for the restaurant to change its kitchen staff and it services. Hiring a new chef and a cook is a strategic method of ensuring that new food items are introduced in the restaurant. If the current staff members are used to a laid-back organisational culture, it would be necessary to replace them. The restaurant should require that the engineering department produces residential service repair personnel to regularly maintain ovens and other machinery that may require regular maintenance. Effectively, a schedule of maintaining equipment is required to review the working condition of all restaurant equipment on a weekly basis. On the same note it would be necessary for the restaurant to overhaul malfunctioning equipment and purchase reliable equipment.

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On the same note, the management needs to fix the sanitation challenge in the restaurant. This could be effectively resolved by ensuring that cleanliness standards are established within the restaurant. Reducing the cost of inventory levels can be done by negotiating with suppliers. Negotiating for fair terms is important to ensure that cases of stock-outs are reduced. However, negotiating for better terms may not necessarily alleviate stock management costs if the organisation is negotiating with an established supplier that has rigid prices for its products. Alternatively, the organisation could consider creating a just-in-time ordering process that allows staff members to order for the products they need ahead of time by submitting their requisition. The advantage of this method is that it will reduce cases of stock outs and reduce inventory management cost.

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