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This was only twenty-two years after it was established by Kevin Plank (Miloch, Lee, Kraft & Ratten, 2012). The name of the company can be confused for a navy-linked Company, or in otherwise a Company that has been limited to facilitating functions of the U. S Navy and Army. However, it is essential to note that Under Armour is a retail shop that provides an opportunity for potential consumers to shop through online and offline platforms. That said, the Company has integrated numerous strategies. Under Armour is continuing to expand more offices not only in the United States but also overseas. For instance, they have offices in Amsterdam, Canada, and China. Such flexibility demonstrated in expansion needs to reflect on the recruitment process.

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More employees need to be recruited so that the newly created jobs can be conducted efficiently (Nurmi, 2018). It will become more comfortable for the management to uphold the notion of promotion and any other form of rewarding and compensation. Implementation of Emotional Intelligence The purpose for selecting this strategic recommendation is linked to Plank’s decision of using taxpayers’ funds to renovate the historic lobby floor of the Bank of America Building. The historic floor is a cultural heritage for the Americans, and when the management opted to replace it with artificial turf, some people became agitated. The plight of some historians and members of the public was to save the murals. In the future, the management can avoid a replication of the situation through immediate implementation of the Emotional Intelligence (Lin, Liebert, Tran, Lau & Salles, 2016).

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This can be implemented immediately. The shoes manufactured by the company, for instance, have satisfied the requirements of the athletes. Technological innovation has been prioritized, and that is why some shoes are fitted with charged cushioning (Kasemsap, 2016). There have been rumors that Under Armour had merged with Nike for purposes of bolstering the aspect of brand identity. UA has attracted many customers because of its involvement in baseball and basketball leagues. With such initiatives, the focus on footwear expansion should be a significant consideration. It is crucial to note that integration of technology does not come for free. Regarding MyFitness App, for example, the Company spent up to 475 million dollars. Since the Company sells apparel wears, consumers who want to gain body fitness can check their health progress through this App.

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This is an ideal strategy for satisfying the overall goals of athletes. The App can detect the level of calories in the body. About the strength, it is vital to encourage actions that are making the Company remain relevant in a competitive. Analyzing Weaknesses involves evaluation of activities that make the Company lag behind in a competitive global market. For instance, a negative review from former employees like Halton Hill. About Opportunities, it will be vital to welcome new ideas that will attract more revenue. For instance, technological Innovation. It was insensitive for Kevin Plank to publicly show support of President Donald Trump who was by then criticized by some Americans (Gilbet, 2017). The Company’s CEO could have left such a role to the Consultancy department which has a duty of managing Public Relations.

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Financial analysis, some employees have complained about the wage structure. An average worker is paid at least 8 dollars per hour. Working hours are limited, and by the end of the day, a worker takes home little wage. The invention of Apps like MyFitnessPal has bolstered customers’ satisfaction as far as maintaining fitness status is concerned. The company has continued growing for the last twenty-six years because of stability promoted by the management. After attracting sharp criticisms from the public in 2017, Kevin Plank ate a humble pie and offered a public apology. The company has been able to learn from previous mistakes. References Gilbet, L. A. , Tran, J. , Lau, J. N. , & Salles, A. Nurmi, J. , & Niemelä, M. S. (2018, November). PESTEL Analysis of Hacktivism Campaign Motivations.

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