Virtual Reality VR for Education in Malaysia

Document Type:Thesis

Subject Area:Management

Document 1

The progression of learning methods has correlated with technological advancement (Chen 72). VR has become a critical tool for motivating learners and ultimately improving their educational outcomes. The modern learning environment is increasing using VR as the effective technology for motivating students and supporting learning capabilities. It helps learners to visualize the dynamic aspects between variables, interact in a collaborative manner and obtain an unlimited number of perspectives in the real environment system. A highly-fidelity VR system tracks the movement of learners and maps it into their simulated learning environment. Aggarwal and Malik (2012) tell that EMNEs are increasing to the frontline in revolution for BOP customers with past progressed unique abilities. They also checked into the innovation based on the emerging economies, political capabilities, relational learning, acquisition capability and detecting the market trends (Rayamajhi,16).

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