Ways of improving labor standards internationally

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Workers are very important, as they help in making a business run. In fact, they are the backbone. Abuse in the workplace, as well as exposure to some conditions that are demeaning to whatever they do in place of work, can impair the running of any business entities. As a result, there have been conventions set and put in place to see to it that the basic rights that regard laborers are obeyed and followed to the letter. Such conventions are the ones which are referred to as international labor standards. The grand consensus can be operational, and people can see to it that there are labor rights. However, Fung (2003) states that this can still be violated by many perpetrators, the same way other rights are violated.

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The reasons for such a violation is because there are no deep roots and deep support in international culture. If in any case, the deliberations became successful, this would make some people violate them. The arguments to support this lie within the fact that if an entity has no law, there are no violations since there is no existence of a law to be broken. These laws are aimed at having an improvement in the labor markets. The laws have been adopted by many organizations including World Bank, and it has been working in helping guide the labor markets. According to Fung and Sabel (2000), “Core labor standards recast a more elaborate corpus of regulation previously promulgated by the ILO into a compact list of incontestable human rights of the workplace, including freedom of association, the right to organize and bargain collectively, prohibition of forced and child labor, and non-discrimination in employment.

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” (p 4) The implication of this is that the laws are deemed to making the labor laws workable and applicable in many sectors. Despite the fact that this is a law that seems workable in different angles, there are many questions that arise from its use. For instance, the organization may decide to have to do away with employment of children. If the children are not employed, some may get out of their places of employment and ditch into the prostitution. Therefore, this is solving one problem while getting even deeper into the mire. The laws are not dynamic in some areas, such as the case of the children laws as described above. Therefore, it is hard for such laws to the wok, especially in developing countries.

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The strategy is workable as it does not affect the competitive nature of the business and does not hurt a company’s competitiveness. The laws are also gradual and can be considered to be hard laws since they are enforceable even in better ways, considering that they employ the improvement to existing laws. Therefore, this is the best way of improving labor standards, as it works with the laws that are already there, having improvements on the workability in different contexts. In conclusion, there are many ways that are targeted at improving labor standards. The laws are categorized to be soft or hard, on the basis of their workability and criteria for operation. Sabel, C. , O'Rourke, D. and Fung, A. Ratcheting labor standards: Regulation for continuous improvement in the global workplace.

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