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The aforementioned goals could never be realized in any business if it is not for proper strategizing as well as ensuring of follow ups being conducted during the implementation of the planed steps. Also, it is important to note that some of the steps that the company seeks to make with regards to its growing process include moving its operation location from one point to another. This paper seeks to have a comprehensive review of a case study on the west jet company which was seen to undergo or rather face difficulties in its verge of development. While doing so, the paper will focus on some of the things or rather steps that could be included in their strategizing to ensure that their anticipated growth and development is effective.

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While doing so, the paper will also provide some of the recommended actions that the company ought to take and finally come up with the action plan that would be the most appropriate for the company. Also, it is evident that the company has been trying to come up with cheaper alternatives through which the same services could be offered. At this point, in a bid to come up with an appropriate identification of the problem or issue at hand, it would be necessary to conduct an assessment of its current situation and in this paper, the Diamond E assessment method of analysis will be used. Diamond E assessment Some of the factors that are looked into when it comes to using of the assessment method aforementioned are as follows: first is the current management preference.

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With regards to the management’s preference, it is right to say that the management has resorted into employment of same methods being used in the industry though at cheaper rates as a way to lure customers to subscribe to their services (Diamond et al. The second factor looked at in this tool is the organizational capabilities, culture and behavior. Alternative The other alternative problem that the company has and affects its success and progress is probably lack of proper technical knowhow as well as the know who. The company has proper ideas but then lacks the proper individuals and machines or need say technology that is required in the implementation of the ideas that they have. The company seeks to have an increment in the number of flights that it has as well as have a change in its main aviation base and this is likely to cost the company a dime.

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This has proven to be a major challenge in its bid to becoming the best or rather the first low-cost airliners. The company probably has smaller planes and may not be able to have carrier lanes as big as those used by their competitors. The Pearson international would be the best solution for it to consider since most of its operations and services are in line with the aforementioned company. Action plan This point of the paper refers to the things or rather the actions that the company needs to take with regards to the recommendation that has been provided in a bid for it to prosper in its endeavors. First, the company will need to have immediate appointment of experts whose roles have been comprehensively described in the recommendation section.

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It is important to concur with the fact that indeed, introduction or rather inception of these people in the company would see the company succeed or improve performance wise significantly. That aside, the company will have to either ask for donations from a company that has been in the industry for a longer time than itself or even seek for mergers and form partnerships with companies that are still new in the industry. Strategy: this is the structure that the organization lays as a blueprint for its journey to success. There are different strategies that different businesses may decide to employ and this is influenced by a number of factors. Assessment tool: this is a theorized way with which a business performance is normally gauged.

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