Why Enlight Media are successful in China

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Chinese Media consists mainly of magazines and televisions. Since the year 2000, the internet has actually emerged as one of the key forms of communication. Unfortunate, the internet has been put under the close supervision of the Chinese government in order to control its usage. This conceptual paper gives insights into the success of Enlight Media in China. Enlight Media also termed as Beijing Enlight Media Co. Ali Venture Capital was the second followed closely by Du Yinglian which had a market share of 3. 87 percent. Among other shareholders who invested interest in the company are Li Xiaoping, sister and young brother of Wang Changtian. Due to their invested interest in the company, Enlight Media had to grow in order to compete with other Media platforms (Zhang, 2016).

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The comedy film "Lost in Thailand" premiered in early December 2012 can be attributed to the success of Enlight Media. The shares were worth CNY 3. 3billion thus it would not take any stake in post-deal of the firm. In the actual sense, Tencent is responsible for foreign investment in that it develops and distributes software. Besides that, it offers economic information and advisory thus it is key for foreign investment of Enlight Media. NCM is not one of the best-ranked companies due to the fact that it lies in 117th in listing thus the impact it had was less towards Enlight Media. For instance, the box office revenue in China rose by 13. 45% in the year 2017 to an amount more than 55. 9 billion Yuan a clear indication that the film industry was growing.

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This was brought about by balancing between commercial interest and artistic work thus Enlight Media was one of the best-performing media groups contributing to its success. In the year 2016, the output that was made by the global animation industry was about USD220 Billion. In years to come, the output value of animation is expected to expand due to increase in animation intellectual property. It is expected that the animation output value will grow to RMB230 billion by the year 2021. This would contribute to the success of Enlight Media as the output will be outstanding. Moreover, the firm will be in a position to expand its market operation (Yu, 2011). On the other hand, the company would benefit from the steady growth that has been witnessed by the Chinese animation industry.

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In recent years, the firm has expanded on the film production. By the year 2016, 85. 5 percent of its shares were owned by Wang Xing. Enlight Media has tried its level best to invest with the company upon which it has 50 percent of its shares. This is a clear indication that, it has done a lot of film ticketing embarking its success and growth towards the realization of its dream (Keane & Liu, 2013). Enlight Media is one of the outstanding media platform media thus has contributed a lot to the Chinese. Its success has been attributed to its outstanding films, the growth of the film industry in China, transfer of its shares and eventually its artistic works. Besides that, it had been registered with IPOA but later recalled off its application thus it was performing better.

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