Why Should Organ Donation Be Legalized In The United States

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Futurism, 17 Jan. Contrarily, having it illegalized is even worse since more people will end up losing their lives due to lack of the organs that would have instead been donated earlier. This paper seeks to have a comprehensive discussion as to why the organ donation issue should be made legal. Gregory, Anthony. While doing so, the paper will ensure it puts out the various reasons and back them up with scholarly articles that have been written in support of the same idea. First, the issue of organ donation should be made legal by the government and the first reason that could be used to back this up is the fact that the donors are normally given good sums of money. Rothman, S. M. and D. J. Rothman )This is not to imply that the activity will be referred to as sales of organs. The sums that are normally given to the individuals who donate their organs are as a way with which to appreciate them for their goodwill. This therefore implies that people who have organs that they feel they need to donate or rather are in financial constraints and could donate their organs to get the money will be in a position to do so. Ideally, this implies that the idea of organ donation could be a way with which individuals could sort their financial issues and such is so since they will get money after the donations and they could use up these moneys to sort their needs thus the need for the legalization of the concept.

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Agrawal, Amit) The second reason that backs the idea of legalizing of organ donation is the fact that it will lead to saving of ore lives. Through the voluntary donation of the various organs, the individuals that end up dying due to lack of these organs in the hospital banks will be safe. Making the act legal will ensure or rather see the hospitals and other health institutions have extras of these organs and such would imply that these institutions will never have to lack them in times when patients need them and thus saving of more lives. Sarti, Armando)Truly, the idea of life saving is another reason that makes the legalization of the organ donation more viable. That aside, it is also important to note the fact that there are patients who urgently need these organs and are normally not able or rather not in a position to acquire the due to the high prices that are affiliated to these organs.

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Houser, Kristin. The donor gets the benefit of receiving the incentive that is associated with the donation of the organ that has been donated. On the other hand, the receiver who is the patient gets to receive medical attention and thus their life is saved. This makes it advantageous for the two parties as their needs and wants are normally met or rather fulfilled from different points. The patient’s health is restored and the donor gets to fulfill their need to help others through the donation and in addition to helping out other people, they also get to receive the incentive which comes through as an additional factor. It is therefore wise for the government to put into serious consideration the idea of having the issue legalized. It indeed is an issue that was considered and in a bid to save people from unnecessary conflicts, they resorted to having the issue illegalized since there are negative traits that were seen to be passed by the donors to either the recipients or their kids and families and this is one act that brought a lot of unnecessary tension and disagreements in the families.

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The other reason that has often be provided by the individuals that are against this act is the fact that the entire process is not normally a sure thing and chances that the donor may pass out during the process are half to those of them surviving. This therefore implies that by the time an individual is going for the donation process, there is a likelihood that they may die during the process and this makes it even difficult since convincing up the family members of the donors and even compensating them up may not be easy. Port, Friedrich K. et al) There is no surety that the process is supposed to be successful and this may lead to loss of even more lives as they go about trying to save one.

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In addition to that they are also able to evade cases of transfer of negative genes and traits thanks t the availability of technology. Gregory, Anthony )It is therefore not right to disclaim the possibility of saving the lives of individuals due to reasons that could easily be evaded. This therefore leaves us with the alternative of being in favor of the idea of organ donation. Summarily, the whole idea or rather concept of organ donation is one that has been seen to ensue heated debates and this is so because of the controversies that has been associated with the same. However, looking at the discussion that has been presented in this paper, it is right to conclude that the entire process is okay as it helps in attainment of the ultimate goal of medication which is saving of lives.

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