Will Artificial Intelligence Have an Impact on Our Jobs Economy and Society

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Its origin has been associated with a British publication by the year 1954 that came up with a computing machinery and intelligence. This technology followed the assumption that actions done by human beings and computers could easily be transformed into symbols. First attempts to use AI intelligence started with symbolic AI systems to simulate simple tasks such as games. Many years later, the knowledge of AI systems has been utilized in many fields including the employment sector, health and manufacturing sectors. From a personal observation of the increased application of AI systems, I sought to research deeply on the impacts of the AI systems. I read several books from the Columbus State Community College library. In addition, I also had conversations with different people who gave me views about this technology. In order to make my research successful, I formulated one question that would assist in reaching my objective and that was: does artificial intelligence have an impact on the society? Yes, there is a possibility that artificial intelligence will impact on society, economy and jobs taken by human beings. From the readings, I observed that artificial intelligence is characterized by an artificial entity that can solve or handle tasks just like human beings. Currently, AI systems have been used in different fields such as medicine, economics, and engineering. However, the AI systems can also be converted into software systems like computer games. Evidence about this fact was clear from the books I read in the library as well as from several conversations with people.

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The readings indicated that many organizations have a preference to using the AI systems because of their capacity to give impressive performances. This is the reason as to why the systems have been named “Artificial Intelligence”. With this kind of an evolution, I tend to expect that some problems could arise. A big fear on whether these systems will impact on human jobs became a great concern to me and many scholars. Many people agreed to the fact that computers are continuously replacing human intelligence and human labor. The current world is characterized by machine operations unlike the older human operations. Moreover, the rate at which these machines are replacing human jobs is coming at an alarming rate. It is expected that the more these machines get smarter than human brains the more likely that they will continue to replace human action in the near future.

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In this context, jobs that were thought to be only undertaken by human beings can have now found an option. One has the choice on whether to use computers if not necessarily machine robots or do it personally. Choosing to use the computer has an advantage as well as a disadvantage. It is more likely that the quality of the work done by a computer will be more accurate than that of human manual labor. As coined by Parnas, “we are currently leaving on a second economy. The normal human labor to some extent cannot give significant produce. However, with the support of AI systems, the produce increases more than double. I strongly feel that Artificial intelligence systems have taken special roles in the current world. According to Etzioni, Amitai and Oren, (3) “AI is a generated activity that is devoted to making machines more intelligent”.

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In this case, intelligence is that quality that enables a system to function appropriately and with foresight in its surrounding. Ideally, not all the sectors surrounding human life can be taken by the robots. I therefore learned different things about the AI systems. Robots can only work efficiently on repeated tasks and that happen over and over again. Although Artificial Intelligence systems have many demerits in terms of replacing human jobs, there is a chance that these systems ought to provide better tools and that are useful in solving complex tasks. In reality, there are tasks that seem to be beyond human capacity. From research, I noticed that different authors had varied views and sediments about the AI technology. Therefore, in my writing I learned that some details about AI are still missing to many people.

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I also learned that there was need for a consolidated research on AI systems in order to provide the best conclusions about AI systems. From this research process, I have found out that indeed AI systems are greatly taking the place of human beings. To some extent, this is a great danger to the human economy. no. Summer2017, pp. EBSCOhost,cscc. ohionet. org/login?url=http://search. Ramalho, Ana. Will Robots Rule the (Artistic) World?: A Proposed Model for the Legal Status of Creations by Artificial Intelligence Systems.  Journal of Internet Law, vol. no. July 2017, pp.

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