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Furthermore, co-op program gives only two services to learners such as the work experience lessons and referral assistance for an internship. In this paper, the work report of my work experience is well described. My name is Eissa Jeddah Alrayani, and I have worked as a customer service provider in the company named Alesayi Motors Mitsubishi in Saudi Arabia. I worked as a full-time employee from September 2012 until August 2013. Also, I worked for three months during summer from May 2014 until August 2016. To attract customers, it is crucial to make several advertise through various communication channels that are available to a company including sales promotion, sponsorships, advertising, personal selling, and publicity (Babin & Harris, 2017). As part of my responsibilities as a customer service provider, it was a requirement for me to organize, plan, and execute social events to promote Mitsubishi brands.

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In those occasions, it was crucial for me to quote prices of various cars which were accompanied with the specific names of each automobile and a photo. As a consequence of those events, Alesayi Motors Mitsubishi recorded higher sales which were attributed to not only the event but also other communication channels such as TVs, and radio advertisements, as well as social media promotions. To satisfy the customers, a company has to come up with new pricing services. I had to analyze the data, and I finally come up with a trend the most sales were made by people buying personal cars. The cars were mostly bought on all month, but sales were meager in January, June, and July. This information helps the company to have more personal cars as compared to other types.

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Also, the data obtained from analyzed data enabled the Motors Company to know when to increase and regulate the prices. Proper service communication strategy can promote both internal and external cooperation (Cook, 2017). To give an example, the first event was to demonstrate to employees how to satisfy an employee who approached the company. Also, I had to boost the communication between the employees and me so that they could feel free to contact me in case of an issue. Within a short period, the management had noticed my efforts in managing teams as cooperation and productivity was improving drastically. In the role of reporting sales service after purchase to the management, I used technological software that would reflect in the office computer where a vehicle was sold.

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It was an easy system to work with compared to reporting sales diary books, which can be difficult to retrieve. I learned the hindrances that customer service providers encounter in the many companies and the benefits that a company may receive from proper sales and marketing strategy and customer services. I was able to understand how to deal with employees and the management and could ask for clarifications where I was not familiar with anything. I learned the need to apply the concept taught in BBA program in year three and four. However, I can conclude that there is a huge variance between the marketing concepts learned in class and what I do is applicable in real life situations. However, during my work experience, I discovered that I am capable of performing exceptionally as a customer service provider when I apply some of the concepts learned in school.

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