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With the emergence of advanced communication platforms, such as mobile phones and social networking, there have been an increase in sexual harassment. This will mean that in order to receive any kind of favoritism for any quarter sexual harassment will take center stage. This involves individual asking for unplanned dates, making some moves of physical contact with the minor and may take the kind of calling individuals some names in a way that is demeaning (Conte, 2013). Other forms of sexual harassment include making sexual jokes, sharing sexually-explicit imagery, and making sex-related remarks about one’s physical appearance. As it is enshrined in the sexual guidelines of equity in employment opportunities, it is illegal to harass some of the individuals on the nature of sexual arrangement.

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Sexual harassment can include slurs, jokes, name-calling, threats, physical assaults, ridicule and sending offensive pictures. Harassment in the workplace is part of the broader sexual assault and this is not limited to people of the same gender. The harasser may be the boss or maybe a supervisor of a given department, an outsider, a colleague, and the victim may not necessarily be directly inflicted but it may be as a result of the harassing behavior. In order to file a good complaint6, one has to show that the employer tried to correct the behavior from occurring but his efforts bored no fruits. There are broader definitions of harassment. The harasser needs to be informed of the importance of stopping the habit (Kim 2018).

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If the victim fears confronting the offender, he/ she should contact the departmental manager for guidance on the matter. In situations where the offender is your boss and you fear to ask him to stop the habit, there is needs to report the matter to the human resource department or rather take the matter to the managers; boss and ask for redress. In some big organizations, there have set aside offices where the members of staff can confidently report harassment cases in a more confidential matter for fear of victimization. In some cases where the individual is not satisfied with the recruitment process, he/ she should report the matter to the employment attorney that the process was marred with sexual harassment and has resulted in not satisfied resolution.

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The impacts that have been seen so far has been severe and many. Some of the instances in the workplace are severe such that a victim may end up losing the job because of not giving in to the sexual advances of those in authority or the bosses. In some other instances, the workmates may be hostile and unpleasant which pile pressure on the individual to stop his/job. This is unwanted sexual harassment. At times, the employee is so traumatized that she experiences severe psychological and physical consequences, ultimately affecting work performance. With the given environment, there is hindrance of team cohesion and this will lead to less success in meeting the organizations goals and objectives. Moreover, the awareness that sexual assault is tolerable may reduce the ethical values of the organization.

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This will be made worse if the author will not punish the errant and turning a blind eye into sexual harassment in the work place. If the assault increases, the reputation of the organization among workers, clients, prospective customers, and the general public deteriorates. Preventing Sexual Harassment The responsibility of preventing sexual assault lies with employees and they are the one to create an atmosphere which is free from sexual harassment. Conclusion Statistics reveal that workplace sexual harassment is associated to both men and women. It is a trend that is increasingly causing serious consequences on both the victim and the organization. Continued sexual arrangement will lead to anxiety disorder, stress, depression, and psychological discomfort to a minor. Moreover, the phenomenon has been linked to reduced work morale and performance, job dissatisfaction, and increased employee turnover and resignation.

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This can overwhelmingly be detrimental to the reputation of an organization. In more developed countries, it has been made compulsory for the organization to give clear guidelines on sexual harassment. The harassers may suffer from job dismissal, suspension or a transfer, demotion. For this to be realized, there is a need for a concerted effort from both the bosses and those in authority and the employees to join hands in fighting the vice. If all these are taken into consideration there will be an improvement in production, comfort ability and gross profit in the long run. This is because everybody feels proud of what he/she is doing without being harassed. New York: Wolters Kluwer Law. Gregory, R. Women and workplace discrimination: overcoming barriers to gender equality.

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