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Qualitative Analysis of Functional Groups

The experiment seeks to find out the roles the variables such as…

Words: 1871Pages: 8

Heat Transfer Lab Assignment

Question How does temperature affect heat capacity of a substance? Hypothesis It is expected that…

Words: 901Pages: 4

Report of Qualitative Analysis of Functional Groups

A functional group can be scientifically defined as either an atom or…

Words: 1449Pages: 6

Rate of Reaction Lab Report

Factors that affect the rate of reaction, such that their disintegration and…

Words: 1111Pages: 5

Essential Components Of Baking Soda And Vinegar In Our Homes

It is a natural compound that presents in all beings. Its work…

Words: 2413Pages: 9


Pure components will boil, and in this way transform into vapors, over…

Words: 1972Pages: 8

Naming Chemical Compounds Report

The procedure followed in naming the chemical compounds was the identification of…

Words: 1109Pages: 5

The identity of an insoluble precipitate

Introduction The chemical properties of any substance entirely depend on the chemical…

Words: 1477Pages: 6

Voltaic Cell Lab Experiment

Since electrons are negatively charged, their flow direction is from the reducing…

Words: 1346Pages: 7

Analysis of an Acid by titration with Sodium Hydroxide

On the other hand, weak bases and acids in aqueous solutions ionize…

Words: 989Pages: 4

Kinetics lab report

You are unable to deduce anything about the order of a reaction…

Words: 692Pages: 3

Equivalent Mass of an Acid

In industry, titration is very useful in areas such as food processing…

Words: 1262Pages: 5

Penetration Power Lab Report

From the experiment, we observed that the beta emissions are stopped by…

Words: 508Pages: 2

Solubility Product Constant of an Organic Salt lab report

The collected data was calculated to get the concentrations for [OH -]…

Words: 510Pages: 2

Formula of hydrated salt

In this experiment, were required to determine water volume in the hydrated…

Words: 598Pages: 3