Essential Components Of Baking Soda And Vinegar In Our Homes

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It is a natural compound that presents in all beings. Its work is mainly to maintain the pH balance hat is essential for survival. It is generated out of soda ash which is also called as sodium carbonate. This soda ash is got from: i) manufactured by passing CO2 and ammonia via a strong solution of sodium chloride commonly known as common salt, ii) it is extracted from an ore simply called trona. It doesn’t matter if the soda ash is mined or processed but the general way to obtain baking soda is to dissolve forming solution then CO2 is bubbled through it, and NA2(CO3) comes out as the precipitate. Baking powder act by bringing the two acidic and alkaline smell molecules to neutral with no smell at all.

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From these, therefore, use of the baking soda as a personal deodorant is highly advised. It is safe to use for underarms and feet. It can as well be used on carpet, upholstery, in the fridge and even in the freezer. It can also be used in solution form like as mouthwash to remove garlic breath, to remove the basic ammonia smell in a diaper and even to soak the food containers that have the acidic pickle smell, (Carlson, 1990). Finally, it is used as a fire extinguisher in oil and electrical fires when baking soda is warmed it releases CO2 and water, and since CO2 is heavier than air and does not support burning as O2 does, then it kills the fire while water formed helps to cool the fire down below its ability to ignite.

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Vinegar Vinegar contains acetic acid with formula (CH3COOH), water and minor elements which may include flavorings. The concentrations of acetic acid vary for example distilled vinegar has 5-8 % acetic acid. It is generated from the fermentation of alcohol by acetic acid bacteria. It is majorly used as cooking additive or in pickling. Common vinegar also decreases or rather inhibit the growth of common pathogens that grow on food such as Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli among others. However, 6 percent solution of acetic acid in vinegar is said to destroy mycobacteria as investigated against drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria alongside mycobacteria (Moore et al, 1997). Vinegar also has been reputed to have strong antibacterial characteristics that make it good for housekeeping in that 5% of vinegar is said to kill 90% of mold and 99.

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9% of bacteria. In this context, therefore, it is a safe way to wash fruits and vegetables. To evade all these problems, we should know the safe and unsafe limits of the intake of these chemicals to our bodies. Significance Vinegar and baking soda have a lot of use in our homes. Therefore it is necessary for us to obtain the limits to which we can use it to help us plan for emergency need in case of accidental intakes of these chemicals. These are among the safety issues that should be dealt with when any substance or chemical is used or introduced into a home. Hypothesis I think that the small amount of baking soda such as the 5g and 10g will react at a slow rate compared to the larger amounts.

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The above chemical reaction can be represented in an equation like the one below. CH3COOH + NaHCO3 = CH3COONa + CO2 + H2O. Baking soda is represented here as sodium bicarbonate while vinegar is the dilute acetic acid which reacts to form CO2 gas which is mostly used in lab biochemical volcanoes. The reaction takes place in two steps, but the whole method can be generalized in the form of the above chemical equation. To start with there is a dual substitution reaction in which the acetic acid in the vinegar with the sodium bicarbonate and HC2H3O2 carbonic acid (Carnevale,1999). This was very abnormal 17. 93 Variables The controllable variable here would be the mass of vinegar that was present in each of the reaction; this is basically for the reason that the amount of vinegar is varied.

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