A review of the royal dutch shell corporate social responsibility

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Royal Dutch Shell Company has several subsidiaries and a good number of its business activities are located all over across the world. The Royal Dutch Shell Company owes people a corporate social responsibility from many points of view including the environment, community development, health and human rights, equality, and employment, among others. However, this report is aimed at dissecting into the activities that Royal Dutch Shell Company engages itself in on matters regarding oil spill prevention and recovery, which affect the community around its operations both positively and negatively. Oil Spill Prevention and Recovery In the oil and gas industry, there is always going to be oil spillages during the transportation of this important product from one point to the other.

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Most of the spills have been witnessed in water bodies where huge containers of oil are usually transported. This gives way for an investigation to be conducted so that the teams can understand the cause of the leakage that leads to the spillage of oil into the environment. Response teams were created by Royal Dutch Shell to ensure that there is a readily available group of people who can rush to a spill site and assess the situation (Ashley 2016). This helps the firm know the best next course of action in order to mitigate the spill and prevent further damage that may potentially occur as a result of the oil spillage. This has gone a long way in helping Royal Dutch Shell firm manage the oil spillages and even in some cases recovery the product rather than letting it go to waste.

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The oil spills do not usually occur due to operational reasons alone. This is because in places like the Niger Delta the residents have often complained that oil spills have left their environment in a bad state to the extent that the spills have now be drawn into the rivers that flow near the oil-producing regions. In comparison to many other parts of the world, Niger Delta has been the most affected with the oil spills. This simply indicates that the prevention measures lie the applicable technology that is used in Niger Delta may be slightly below the standards as compared to other parts of the world where this firm produces oil. This has left the communities around the oil-producing regions in Niger delta unable to get themselves out of the menace caused by the oil spills.

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As has been discussed in this report, the Royal Dutch Shell Company often takes responsibility for oil spills by improving the state of the pipelines. This helps keep the environment clean by restoring it back to its original state before the oil spills (Onwuteaka 2016). The implications of such programs are that the health matters that are in connection with the oil spills have drastically reduced and this is because of the efforts of Royal Dutch Shell Company to make the surroundings clean. A good example of such a program is the Ogoniland clean-up. They have helped the society become a cleaner place to stay. By engaging in spill prevention activities, Royal Dutch Shell firm enhances the reputation of its stakeholders and this is a good move.

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A good example is Nigeria where the Niger Delta at some point had seen the oil spills affect even rivers and this was attributed to below-standards processes that were employed in handling the situation. Conclusion It is vital understanding that the corporate social responsibility success of the Royal Dutch Shell Company solely depends on this company’s actions. The oil spills prevention exercise is very important in ensuring the environment is kept clean. It is upon the company to make sure that all the activities done to promote oil spill prevention are carried in a manner that does not entertain negligence. The positive aspects of oil spills prevention give hope to the people that the Royal Dutch Shell firm is a responsible company.

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