Significance of business ethics in promotion of professional growth

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The leadership model determines the trajectory of success or failure that an organization moves to concerning the design and organizational culture. Ethical standards are an important feature of assessing the progress of leadership qualities as it demonstrates the direction of expected good and long lasting performance in the competitive market. It is the responsibility of the management to encourage a culture and spirit of focussing on establishing a system whereby employees execute their duties truthfully. Ethical and unethical leadership practices are common in the contemporary society as competition levels surge across different market frontiers. The competition has inspired a broad range of interventions that are premised on both ethical and unethical leadership practices to position the various organizations in the top industry charts.

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1 million and included a restriction prohibiting such development as the construction of dams, mining and any other form of drilling. However, it allowed construction of a residential house without limitations to the size and would include a pool, a writer’s cabin as well as a tennis court (Sims & Brinkmann, 2003). Barely two months later, the organization sold the land to one of its former chairman and his wife who were also the company’s trustee, at a price of $500,000. Later, the former chairman paid the rest $1. 6 million as donations to the organization and later claimed a federal tax write off for making charitable donations. The policy should as well demand transparency on existing conflict of interests and how the organization should go about it.

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That way the members would meet with Natural Conservancy and discuss one on one on issues relating to the environment issues that are significant to both companies (Hrywna, 2006). Although there are no specific resolutions to such issues, companies are advised not to accept donations from affiliates who are seeking to develop ethically questionable conduct or enforce extreme limitations on how the organization should utilize the funds. Transparency is one of the major ethical issues associated with Fundraising and Philanthropy. Transparency refers to the likelihood of accessing information, behaviour or intentions that have been deliberately exposed to a procedure of disclosure. For both large and small firms, transparency involves messages such as advertising messages, that are not vulnerable to misunderstanding and that obviously communicate purposes of the organization and its missions (Booth & Dallas, 2006).

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Misrepresentation and dishonesty may bring about harm to start-up ventures. The information to be uncovered must be carefully considered by assessing its potential ethical consequences. Through analysis, both sides of the issue will be discussed and the position taken through critical thinking and analysis of the information. Promoting Ethical Decision Making Ethical decision making in positions of trust and leadership require the utilization of ethical theories that guides how best to manoeuvre ethical challenges. Enron had a perfect code of ethics, but it was compromised and found itself in the mess of unethical activities, and after its fall, many made fun of the script marking it as ‘never been read’. Secondly, organizations should promote an effective financial management. Charitable organizations need better institutional oversight greater civic education as well as a transparent and inclusive performance measures.

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