Factors Affecting the Implementation of Strategic Plans in Government Tertiary Institutions Article Review

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There are other factors that will be considered in the making of this review. This factors will include the credibility of the information shared in the bid to determine the suitability of article as a source of information for scholars and researchers. It will also examine the appropriateness of the research design and methodology in ensuring that proper data, findings, and conclusion regarding the research question are made. Tendencies of Bias will be inspected, revealed and discussed. In addition to this, the review will also form an excellent platform to continue the discussion on the several institutional aspects that impact on their level of strategy implementation. Choosing this articles was guided by the need to find a literature material that focused on a less researched region and institutions.

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Another consideration that was made in the choosing of the article was the fact that was peer-reviewed, and its source was credible hence, an excellent material for the review. Flow Chart of the Selection Choosing the topic concentration on Peer-reviewed articles selection of suitable journals selection of European Journal of Business management selection of the article. Summary Table of Literature Review Reference Title Source Content 1 "factors influencing strategy implementation among flower firms in Naivasha, Kenya chss. uonbi. International Journal for Quality in Health Care How to discern a good research 6 The Relationship of Team Goals, Incentives, and Efficacy to Strategic Risk, Tactical Implementation, and Performance Academy of Management Role of rewards strategy implementation 7 Revealing Factors Affecting Strategy Implementation In Heis - A Case Study In A Brazilian University.

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" International Journal Of Management In Education Factors affecting strategy implementation 8 Quality Education Inderscience Publishers Education in institutions of higher learning 9 TEACHERS AND THE QUALITY OF BASIC EDUCATION SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA EDUCATION RESEARCH AND FORESIGHT • WORKING PAPERS Education in institutions of higher learning 10 Factors Affecting the Implementation of Strategic Plans inGovernment Tertiary Institutions: A Survey of Selected Technical European Journal of Business Management Factors Affecting the Implementation of Strategic Plans 11 Factors Affecting Business Strategy Implementation Of Vietnam Garment Companies International Journal Of Business And Management, Factors Affecting Business Strategy Implementation 12 Implementation Strategies: Recommendations For Specifying And Reporting. " Implementation Science Implementation Strategies 13 What is bias and how can it affect the outcomes from research http://webcache. googleusercontent. com/search?q=cache:kkTnwL8owwgJ:www.

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Despite the challenges that can result from carrying researchers that highly depend on first-hand information that is limited to the samples, it also provides a breath of new information in the discussion on the subject. Relevance The mentioned factors that affect the implementation of strategies are credible since they are also shared by other researchers and scholars. The article informs that managerial behavior is among the key factors impacting on the effect which strategies are implemented. Managerial commitment is key to the realization a firm's goal ( ALFAXARD, 8). However, the author mentions that according to the findings, the relationship between managerial behavior and strategy implementation is weak, a claim that is not in line with other article authors. It also leads to the evident narrow elaboration of the factors that affect implementation of strategies in the selected tertiary institutions in Meru, Kenya.

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Relevance to the Subject A lot of information shared in the article add no or little insight on the factors that affect the implementation of strategies. There is instead, a lot of focus on the quality of education, the background on how national and international education stakeholders have contributed to the enhancement of the quality of education in the country. The author mentions that UNESCO is committed to sensitizing on the value of quality more than quantity in education. The Inter-University Council for East Africa, formed in 1980 was formed with the intent of fostering cooperation among the tertiary education to boost exchange programs for better education ( Lauwerier). The use of a stratified sampling method was ideal since the available sample was large and the final sample was ideal for the research.

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Interviewing the respondents made both time and financial sense due to the proximity of the institutions. In addition to that, the combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods to ensure that appropriate conclusions were made ( Massah,13). Conclusion The aim of conducting this literature review to was to determine how well the author of the article discussed on the aspects of an organization that impacts on its strategy implementation. It was necessary also to consider the relevance of the material shared in the article to its title and the declared aim of the research. "factors influencing strategy implementation among flower firms in Naivasha, Kenya. chong-ho-yu. Threats to validity of Research Design. http://www. creative-wisdom. 14 January 2018. Kelley, Kate and JOHN SITZIA. “Good practice in the conduct and reporting of survey research.

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