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The targeted clientele will be able to pay for the services provided by it through the use of comprehensive services we offer. Our services are unique, and it is hard for them to be replicated by competition. ABC plc has a projected annual growth rate that is very high. This is led by the sound accounting principles that are observed at the company. This makes it be able to invest in other nations including the Czech Republic and the United States of America. In the USA, there is the issue of book and tax conformity where there is a departure that is being witnessed from a tax-based accounting system that campaigns for adoption of IFRS promote tax noncompliance which is not present from the companies that are operating in the Czech Republic (Cojocaru et al, 2016, 227).

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This means that as non-compliance to tax increases it leads to book-tax decreasing respectively (Soukopová, Herbier, and Valta, 2015, 369). After the departure from tax-based accounting system corporations that have incentives for inflating the book income, they tend to be more tax compliant (Shenkar, Luo, and Chi, 2014, 38). Another difference is evidenced when there is the administration of the worldwide consolidation of the net income. This is because in the USA for domestic filers, their GAAP is mostly formulated by the FASB. In the United Kingdom, there is the presence of market maturity and saturation. This affects the sales of ABC plc. And thus it informs their decision of investing in promising markets outside the United Kingdom (Cojocaru et al, 2016, 225). There are a technological advancement and growth in e-commerce.

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This makes them able to reach customers and the corporations that are outside the UK and makes ABC be able to reach them in real time and they are hence able to diversify in their investment (Shenkar, Luo, and Chi, 2014, 39). When the use of software silos standardizes these systems, there is the use of data and formulas in presenting financial information from disparate data sources. ABC plc can efficiently implement the disclosure of these management applications into their systems (Shenkar, Luo, and Chi, 2014, 39). The applications deployed can pull data from different sources, and they come up with automated reports that will streamline this labor-intensive process. This standardization will make ABC plc save time and resources moreover reducing data errors as there is less and less manual intervention.

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This is achievable by ABC plc (Markle, 2016, 41). This is because the structured data is making it easier and less costly for the auditors to cover this company. At ABC plc it needs to improve the access of its primary data sources coupled with increased searchability of information. It will increase the use and the integrity of the data being used. The data providers at ABC plc will be able to extract information, and it is going to provide it in a considerable and useful format that the old regulatory filings (Helisek, 2016, 27). This will ensure that the investors and the subsidiaries are increasingly using these secondary sources. B. Financial system development and economic growth in transition economies: New empirical evidence from the CEE and CIS countries.

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