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This assessment will focus primarily on my role in the group I was assigned and ways to improve communication skills and professional team working. Therefore, the paper will provide insights into numerous personal development aspects by discussing my performance in the action learning set, identifying skills acquired in the action learning process and lastly address some of the ways my involvement in action learning will influence my workplace and performance in future. Body This reflective article will utilize the Driscoll (2007) model of reflection, which comprises of three stages including what, so what and now what. According to Desin (2007), all groups must include a leader to coordinate the group activities. The role of the leader is to assign responsibilities while overseeing that people engage in designated activities and ensure that all team efforts converge towards achieving specific goals (Woolnough, 2017). To kick off the action learning set, my teammate and I met (appendix 1) to confer on an appropriate topic for inclusion in presentation. I was the leader of the group. Communication is critical while describing the relationship between leaders and followers. Efficient clinical practice entails many instances where vital information must be communicated precisely (Brooker, 2013). Team collaboration, must bring diverse aspects of a group together to attain the common objective of efficient healthcare provision (Brooker, 2013). In cases where health care, professionals are not communicating effectively, patient safety it at risk. First, team members cannot disclose critical information necessary for treatment. Secondly, team members may often misinterpret information. Thirdly, some team members may easily receive unclear directives for instance over the telephone (Brooker, 2013).

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In our meeting, we created the plan and divided tasks between us that comprised of research, presentation layout, points discussed, and the references. In the session, we established that we would meet once a week to monitor the progress of the presentation, provide feedback, and determine where change was necessary. Inefficient communication channels create loopholes since they develop the playground where errors are prone. Errors have the potential to cause far-reaching effects like medication errors, delays in treatment provision, and operative and postoperative events (Brooker, 2013). Communication during the action learning set involved exchanging thoughts, opinions, and information through the media of spoken and written words and sign language where applicable (Woolnough, 2017). I learned that communication does not take place through the employment of spoken words only. Despite all groups comprising unique members, factors that affect efficient communication are often the same.

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We shared the responsibility of the work by agreeing that I would take on the communication aspects and therefore provide the presentation layout and we came together to design a PowerPoint presentation on the same. Sharing responsibilities provided the backbone for capitalizing on each other's strengths. My group communicated verbally via phone calls and through meetings. We wrote each other messages via platforms like WhatsApp and SMS. Conflicts occur in any group comprising more than one person and are the products of disagreement within a working unit. The first conflict took place when our tutor set up our group. We initially comprised of three group members, however, during the first meeting student C could not make it, unfortunately. This created dilemmas in the group, as the amount of work designated for the remaining members, was immense.

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There were fundamental questions in the remaining member's minds such as why the other student left the group that left to queries as to the competence levels of the group. It is safe to conclude that some of the team efforts did not come out openly during the presentation. We consulted our tutor on the way forward. The tutor provided the necessary support. Some of the causes of communication barriers in nursing practice comprise of personality differences, disruptive behavior, culture or ethnicity, generational differences, gender differences, language barriers and use of jargon (Woolnough, 2017). Other common causes of communication problems include differences in schedules, varying levels of qualifications and status between team members, the disparity in regulations in nursing education, fears associated with professional identity, dissimilarities in accountability, payments and rewards by team members, and worry over clinical responsibilities (Woolnough, 2017).

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University of Chicago: Working Paper. Driscoll, J. Practising Clinical Supervision: A Reflective Approach for Healthcare Professionals. nd ed. Edinburgh: Bailliere Tindall BROOKER, C. Make sure that we will let each other know the day before the meeting. As a group, we will try to compromise and understand each other’s circumstances to avoid conflict. Topic to present for the Formative Presentation We decided to do “Communication and Teamwork” Student 1 – “Communication” Student 2 – “Teamwork” Group Topic Aim (SMART approach) We decided to start our presentation next meeting to make sure we have plenty of time to practice and to be more organized. As a group, we planned to base our presentation from placements that arise about poor communication and teamwork. How will you present the topic? We will be using a Power Point to present out presentation.

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We can say that we are organized and we contribute and did the task on time. With our group, because we know each other already we make sure that if one of us don't understand something the other member of the group will explain things. We also respect each other when it comes to personal life specially when we are outside university. We did not manage to get a feedback or give a feedback because one of the member of the group did not managed to get to university on presentation day. With our group, we can say that even though there was only two of us in a group we still managed to do the task. Practice presentation within time limit. Make my colleagues listen to me -Time myself Keep practicing every day so when it comes to the day I am confident I have a month until presentation, I will practice daily.

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