Nursing as a Calling

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Nursing requires that a nurse or caregivers works tirelessly to ensure quality health-care service delivery. Additionally, to ensure quality service, a nurse must posses some personal attributes that would help guide him/her in daily routine work. Respect, human dignity, timeliness, responsiveness, kindness, honesty, persistence, life-long learning and personal goal drive are some the values or beliefs that drives a professional nurse to ensure accountability in service delivery at all times. The main thrust of this paper is to comprehensively discuss nursing as a call rather than just a job. Throughout the discussion some of the values or beliefs previously mentioned will be elaborated. Not everyone can walk through this tireless journey of dedication in loving and caring for the sick people and ensuring hope restoration them.

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According to Mathew 22:37-39, “…We must love God and one another” Nurses work in partnership with God in the healing process of patients and they also serve as the immediate attendants to any needy person or patients in their death bed. It is on the aspect of passionate love, sacrifice, heartfelt care and tirelessness in service delivery that I regard nursing as a calling. It is never a walk in the park to attend to those patients in their sick beds. It requires personal devotion. As a nurse, you will experience people at their best and at their worst because patients never have a consistent mood. Patient’s bad mood should never be a justifiable reason or excuse as to why you would not attend to them.

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Being a nurse you have to keep in mind that, faith is just another medicine as laughter is. Therefore you need to treat one patient at a time and always ensure you offer all your attention to each one of them regardless of their emotional status. You can never fake compassionate, families need honesty while patients need hope. Values that guides nurses their daily practice include; humility, compassion, respect, kindness, honesty, persistence and human dignity. Compassion Compassion in nursing is being considerate and able to relate to the ailing status of the patients and also share their pain with you. A nurse is required to dedicate maximum attention to their patients and help address their needs and wishes. By interacting with the patients you can learn much about their physical or emotional needs and you must ensure the interaction as positive as possible.

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Through a nurse-patient interaction, patients feel cared for to some extent. Communication Skills in Nursing Communication in nursing comprises of a compressive understanding of a patient as a whole and listening keening to whatever they say either verbally or non-verbally based on how they feel. Various communication theories are used while interacting with patient. One the most effective communication that adequately addresses nurse-patient interaction is relation based Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory. This approach works best for me as it involves creating a link with patient making it easy to deeply understand their personalities. It involves four main stages, that is, (1) engaging patients in the treatment process; this is an interrogative stage where you respond to a number of patient’s queries about the medication and its effectiveness, (2) the identification stage; in this stage a patient develops trust and you become partners in the treatment process, (3) patients suggests the kind of treatment to offered to him/her based on their feelings, (4) finally the final aim of the treatment is achieved with all patient’s wishes fulfilled (Senn, 2013).

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