Acute myocardial infarction patients in the emergency department Article Review

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Additionally, the authors are also well credentialed making the research article reliable and valid to utilize. The objective or gap that the research is aiming to cover is the analysis of the door-to-treatment time and also the factors that influence the same and based on the research; it is evident that the gap has been looked into adequately (de Matos Soares and Ferreira, 2017). Other aspects that affirm the rigour of the quantitative article include the inclusion of ethical aspects, the inclusion of the measurement error control, an organization of the data collection methods, the inclusion of the limitation of the study, and also the implications for the nursing practice and finally, the justification of the researchers’ conclusion. In general, the study can be seen to be of good quality since it affirms majority of the critical appraisal aspects within the worksheet. The second article, which is also a quantitative empirical study looks at the changes in hope and health-related quality of life in couples following acute myocardial infarction. It seeks to breach the gap that exists in the self-related score of hope and health-related quality of life using an explorative and longitudinal study (Eriksson, Asplund, Hochwälder, and Svedlund, 2013). To begin with, the authors are credentialed, making the article reliable and also the purpose of the study is stated clearly. It does not include any sampling method since it is a longitudinal and explorative research but still, when it comes to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the ethical considerations, the intervention and data collection, measures of control, and also the findings and the justification of the research, the researchers have gone an extra mile in making sure that they have realized them.

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In general, the quality of the article can be seen to be good since the article is valid and reliable based on the measurement instruments included and the provision of valid explanation in response to the research topic. In the third article, titled; Prehospital Care Characteristics of Patients with Suspected or Diagnosed Coronary Syndrome the implications to the nursing practice have been widely noted. In summary, other aspects that make the study of good quality include the consistency of the results, the presentation of the limitations, and the analysis of the data collected through the cross-sectional study. Review of Literature Introduction (REASON) (PURPOSE) The first study looks at heart attack patient within the emergency department and the factors that are influencing the door-to-treatment time. It seeks to review on how the Symptom-onset-to-balloon time can be increased in order to increase the rates of morbidity and mortality for the acute myocardial infarction patients, which is the scientific name for heart attack.

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Within the study, the research design that is adopted by the researchers is a quantitative, descriptive and correlational study that entails a total of 412 people who were admitted to the ED over a period of one year between 2014 and 2015 (de Matos Soares and Ferreira, 2017). In total, the number of participants for the study was 612, but due to the exclusion and inclusion criteria that was adopted within the study, only 412 were eligible for sampling which was a stratified form of sampling. Based on this, the cross-sectional study entailed records that represented cases that were related to the statistical analysis. A random sampling technique was used, and when it came to the analysis of the data, SPSS software was also used, and the finding was that around 2. of the records represented the patients who had the coronary syndrome.

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Additionally, the outcome of the referral to the cardiology duty indicated a total of 74 cases and as such, the conclusion was that there was indeed a need to implement new strategies to obtain better results in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction (Tempass, Boes, Lazzari, Busana,Nascimento, and Jung, 2016). Conclusion In conclusion, the three research articles look at acute myocardial infarction and coronary syndrome in depth through the utilization of various research designs and sampling techniques. Hochwälder, J. Svedlund, M. Changes in hope and health‐related quality of life in couples following acute myocardial infarction: A quantitative longitudinal study.  Scandinavian journal of caring sciences, 27(2), 295-302. Tempass, L. P. Jung, W. Prehospital care characteristics of patients with suspected or diagnosed coronary syndrome.  Journal of Nursing UFPE on line, 10(9), 3293-3301.

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