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Ketcher and Knox lived together a quadruplet apartment with two other Italian ladies Laura Mezzeti and Filomena Romanelli (Chan). Also, a section of this apartment was let out by a clique of Italian men who were friends with an Ivory Coast migrant named Rudy Guede (Nadeau). Knox worked part-time at Le Chic bar owned by a man named Patrick Lumumba and later in October; she went to a party where she met Raffaele Sollecito who was 23 years old by then. Later, Knox and Sollecito got into a romantic relationship. The actual murder of Meredith Ketcher took place on the 2nd of November 2007. Upon examination, Guede DNA was found to match that detected in the vaginal swabs collected from Ketcher, and he confessed to having had a sexual relationship with Ketcher.

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Under these circumstances, Guede, Knox, and Sollecito were legitimately charged with murder. Guede dreaded that Knox and Sollecito had formed a union against him and thus he requested for a fast-track trial in which he was found guilty of killing and sentenced to 30years, a sentence that was later cut to 16 years upon appeal (Nadeau). Knox and Sollecito's trial followed afterward. During the trial, Knox testified that during interrogations she was confused and under duress from the officers and thus leading to his strange behavior including wrongfully implicating Lumumba for the murder. The second trial ended in January 2014 and once again Knox was found guilty for murdering Ketcher and thus was sentenced for 28years and six months in prison while Sollecito was imprisoned for 25years (Chan).

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