America’s structural racism and the black-white wealth gap

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It further highlights the factors that contribute to the racial gap and the challenges that have hindered the process of narrowing the racial wealth gap between white and African black Americans. Finally, the article cites some recommendations and policies that are suitable for mitigating the racial wealth gap between the two groups of Americans. Question One: Full Citation of the Article • "Systematic Inequality - Center For American Progress. " Center for American Progress. N. How can the racial wealth gap between white and black Americans be reduced? Question Three: Why these research questions are important to economists Economists argue that wealth makes it easier and possible for people to seamlessly transition between different jobs neighborhoods and further respond to any emergencies. Also, wealth enables parents to make various payments and also pay for their children's' education.

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Thus, this enables a country's workers to be in a position to build economic sustainability during their retirement. Most important to note is the fact that wealth acts as the measure of the future economic well being of the family. Families tend to rely on wealth to pay for the majority of their bills and especially when their regular income is not guaranteed or when they retire. In conclusion, the article also provides empirical literature on the policies and recommendations that ought to be adopted in dealing with the racial wealth gap between black and white Americans. Through this, the article will provide the research gaps that need to be addressed by the researcher in the course of his study. Question Five: Economic Model used in the Analysis The analysis in the article has utilized the empirical model that makes use of mathematical models that are used with data.

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Question Six: Hypotheses tested in the article 1. The racial wealth gap between white and black Americans does not affect the economic sustainability of the country 2. Wealth is more concentrated than income among white Americans as compared to black Americans. More black American households have little or nothing to spend or even save in case of any emergencies 4. The black American family is at a greater need for wealth as compared to their white American counterparts because they are more vulnerable to economic insecurity. This is because they are usually underpaid and have no adequate savings and less financial resources 5. African Americans typically face many challenges in their attempt to shrink the racial wealth gap. In general, both my writing and other papers share the common ground that there is racial wealth inequality among the white and black African Americans an there is need that such systematic differences be addressed.

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Both the papers will thus focus on carrying out a critical and analytical analysis of the entire issue and thus provide the most appropriate recommendations and policies to overcome the vice. Question 12: Other papers and previous results that the article cites which will also be relevant to my project 1. Christian E. Weller and Teresa Ghilarducci, “The Inefficiencies of Existing Retirement Savings Incentives” (Washington: Center for American Progress, 2015), available at https://www. org/issues/race/reports/2016/12/20/295359/wealth-inequality-among-asian-americans-greater-than-among-whites/; for data through 2016, see Christian E. Weller and Jeffrey Thompson, “Wealth Inequality More Pronounced Among Asian Americans than Among Whites,” Challenge, forthcoming 4. Alana Semuels, “The Role of Highways in American Poverty,” The Atlantic, March 18, 2016, available at https://www. theatlantic. com/business/archive/2016/03/role-of-highways-in-american-poverty/474282/. frbsf. org/economic-research/publications/economic-letter/2017/september/disappointing-facts-about-black-white-wage-gap/.

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