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This is devastating because most organizations nowadays depend on technology for their daily activities as a result of its competitive advantages and ease of work (Sun et al. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to focus on data security and protection just as they dwell on marketing and human resource departments within an organization. Research Purposes The purpose of writing to you is to request for the approval of my proposal concerning the national issue of hacking facing companies. The aim is not only to help companies deduce better measures of safeguarding their documents online but to also find out why hacking has become an easy thing in this time and era. Failure to take any precautions on this issues often results to data corruption, theft of information and even manipulation of information all with the aim of satisfying some individuals selfish needs.

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b. If the company using insecure networks and devices All insecure sites should be blocked to avoid access that may even come by mistake. c. If there is anyone who could have given out the company’s system passwords. Access security should be limited in accordance to the company management structure. In the primary methods of research, I will interview a number of qualified personnel’s in the field of information technology so that they can provide their sentiments of the study. Concerning the secondary methods, here, I will use relevant preliminary studies. This is because they have addressed the issue before, hence, may have additional knowledge that may be vital for my study. Below is a number of the preliminary studies that I will employ: Baloch, R.

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Ethical hacking and penetration testing guide. Radcliffe, J. (2011, August). Hacking medical devices for fun and insulin: Breaking the human SCADA system. In Black Hat Conference presentation slides (Vol. Yan, Y. B. A Common Weak-Link in the Security Chain. TIMETABLE If you accept my proposal I will be begin my research as early as 24th November to ensure that everything is done by 4th December. On this first day, what I will basically do is to come up with a list of IT specialist and contact them to arrange for a possible interview. On the 26th I will compile their report and beginning reading through the identified literature from 27th to the 30th November. Ensuring that the channel used to transfer data is secured through firewalls and encryptions reduces the risk of data loss (Sun et al.

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Additionally, the company should block all insecure sites with a lot of traffic that make it easy for unauthorized access into the system. By doing so, the chances of hacking will be reduced and data loss prevented. The devices used by employees should also be encrypted with passwords to ensure that only authorized employees to have access to sensitive organizational data. Sharing passwords All employees should be warned about the dangers of sharing passwords with unauthorized individuals. This will help the organization to tackle issues of sending crucial information to the wrong recipients (Sun et al. Employees should also ensure that they countercheck every email before broadcasting or sending to a recipient to prevent the cases of sending crucial information to unauthorized individuals.

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