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An initial look at the website would give one the yearning to dig deeper into the website in a bid to analyze what the organization has to offer. For that reason, this paper intends to conduct an audit on the site with specific emphasis on its interactive online marketing methodology, its web business model, its purpose, its target market, the consumer behavior matters of the target market, the dynamic compulsions present in the sector of tourism to which it belongs, and even expound on the company’s 7Cs. Langham, Melbourne makes use of trip advisors to put across any necessary information pertaining to the hotel that the public may be interested to know. The trip advisers, subsequently offer a link to the hotel so that the visitors may have a personalized opinion on the same (The Langham, Melbourne, n.

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d. In this way, the company receives enquiries and finally ends up inviting several tourists which suggests of a greater income for the company. Alternatively, the company pays in heaps and bounds to have digital marketers advertise their hotel, thus the latter earns commissions in the process. Langham, Melbourne website earns its traffic through a variety of ways with the predominant mannerism being putting its website address as a facet of the invoices it sends. Additionally, the hotel offers costless Wi-Fi services that has a feature whereby the users are redirected to the site’s homepage (Langham, Melbourne, n. d. d. Therefore, the target market involves people who have dealings or intend to get engaged anywhere around Melbourne region. The hotel is not age restricted, thus people from all age groups are invited probably with exceptions to underage visitors who intend to secure accommodation devoid of an adult’s presence.

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The catch is in the services offered which include: The room offers, the wellness offers, as well as the dining offers. Services such as bed and breakfast, advance purchases, and club and suite indulgence are often the primary areas that visitors tend to look at regarding the hotel. Langham, Melbourne has a singular web model that suggests organization and serves as a pace setter for other hotels within the sector. Its website quality can be assessed by can be deemed to have garnered a 7/10 considering certain aspects such as presentation, seamlessness of navigation, and the order of mention of its features (Jackson & Ahuja, 2016). The web measurement tools that can be utilized include Google PageRank which is utilized by the authorities, Moz Page Authority utilized by the search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo, and the MajesticSEO mainly utilized for putting forward conjectures about the rank.

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Customer interface can be an avenue through which an organization can gain an edge over its adversaries. Langham, Melbourne facility asserts that it is at a hotel at a glance that is typically well-packed (Langham, Melbourne, n. This means that this particular age group involves people with similar mindsets regarding certain things. This paper has adequately addressed the website http://www. langhamhotels. com/en/the-langham/melbourne/he in a well detailed manner. The information written has touched on the whole idea behind a typical website’s digital marketing concept. Routledge. Taiminen, H. M. Karjaluoto, H. The usage of digital marketing channels in SMEs. M. B. Veríssimo, J. M. C.

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